Handling Sin


As I am coming to Catholicism, I am trying my best to not sin. By understanding the nature of sin, I have developed a deep loathing for sin itself and it’s origin, Satan, and so when I sin I am deeply disgusted and disappointed in myself. I feel as if I have stabbed someone. I remorse for my sin and feel such a deep guilt for it. I then repent of it to God and do penance and continue to confess my sorrow for my sins, not for God’s already-given forgiveness but to show my contrition, for many days, usually until I go to Mass again, when I confront the sin in it’s fullness and am cleansed of it there, though I retain the remorse for it in my memory. I am in RCIA, so I am unable to do the Sacraments, but I still hate sin and try to avoid it as best I can. Is this way of handling my sin appropriate? Or is it too severe, or not severe enough? Any advice for how to handle temptation, guilt, etc.?


Everything you’re doing sounds just fine, but try not to dwell on your sin because that can lead to scrupulosity and infatuation, which are distracting and ultimately amount to nothing. Seek the Lord’s forgiveness, do your penance, and then carry on.

Soon enough, when you are able to receive the sacraments of Penance and Holy Communion regularly, you will have the graces of those sacraments in your soul and they will help you with the temptations you experience.

Until then, make an Act of Contrition often as well as a spiritual Communion every time you go to Mass.


Thank you my friend. I can’t wait to take the Sacraments… I feel like I’m starving to death. :smiley:


I second this advice.

Congratulations on being in the RCIA, scameter18! I often wish I could go back to Easter of 2005 and experience that beautiful day again. I was utterly elated to finally come home. I think I wore a smile on my face for two weeks straight afterward. :smiley:


I smile just imagining your situation, Lorrie, much less imagining myself do it. :stuck_out_tongue:


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