Hands? Literal hands?


This post blew me right away, is this a common belief in Catholicism?

I always thought that God creating the universe was metaphysical, not a literal construction with actual hands. I didn’t think anyone thought that it was real hands fashioning real clay.

How many people think that God did it that literally?


Of course God doesn’t have human hands as such, except that Jesus who is also fully Man has human hands, so descriptions of God creating the universe with His own hands are metaphorical insofar as we focus on His hands or other anthropomorphisms.

Insofar as we focus on the act of the universe being created by God, without being concerned with what mechanisms or processes God may have used, the descriptions are stark raw fact.


I suspect that is a pretty fringe belief. The real way God did it, of course, is so much more amazing and awe-inspiring anyway.


Yes, God created the entire universe. He thought it and it was.
Deacon Ed B


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