Hands to Heaven


Found the following on InsideCatholic.com.

"Hands to Heaven

There is a line in Scripture that has always infuriated me. It’s Timothy 2:15, and for years I could not read it without wanting to hurl my Bible at the wall. “The woman,” writes St. Paul, “will be saved by childbearing, if only she continue with faith, love and holiness.” Its baptized misogyny was insulting enough (how typical to posit a woman’s salvation within her social confines of barefoot, pregnant servitude), yet beneath it lurked a more devastating injury: the idea that a woman’s sanctity was tied up in motherhood. That spelled damnation for me, I thought, for the drudgery of childbearing was the last thing I aspired to. "…

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Being a good mother is the hardest, most important job anyone could ever do. I can never thank my mother enough for all she has done for me. Thanks Mom!!!:thumbsup:


The word of God was not written to win a popularity contest. Sorry.


If you read the article, you’d see that the writer changes her mind and comes to understand the truth of the bible passage for herself.


And yet Paul was an incredibly staunch advocate of the celibate and unmarried life, for himself and all others (men and women) who had the strength for it. He in fact only advocated marriage for those who would otherwise ‘burn with passion’.

Certainly he would offer the same reasons for women being celibate as he did for men - that a family can be a distraction from whole-hearted service to God.

Shows the risks of cherrypicking Scripture passages.

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