"Hands Up Don't Abort: Posters Highlighting Epidemic of Abortions on Black Babies Cause Controversy"

Black students hung posters saying “Hands Up, Don’t Abort” across the campus of Purdue University, in Indiana. At another school students wrote messages such as “Womb=Most Dangerous Place 4 Black Kids” in chalk on sidewalks. These events are taking place during Black History Month.
“Hands Up Don’t Shoot” was a protest slogan recently used by black people after a black person was shot in Missouri. The students who put up the posters at Purdue point out that as official figures show abortion is the number one killer of black lives in America.
see www.lifenews.com/2016/02/04/hands-up-dont-abort-posters-highlighting-epidemic-of-abortions-on-black-babies-cause-controversy

Glad to see the awareness! :thumbsup:

Oooo, so exciting to see people being hoist by their own petard!

That’s awesome!

I find this wonderful. And it’s about time. It’s just reality they can’t face, plain and simple. Also, I was glad to read of Martin Luther’s niece as well. Good for her.

What a great spin! And truthful!
Proud of Purdue kids. Not much good comes out of that place, good to see some positive news.

This is good to see.



Where is the controversy?\

Read the article now I see it. Bravo to those students, hopefully they impact peoples opposing views. I talk about Sanger’s agenda to almost every pro-abortion person I know. What’s crazy is its not a conspiracy, it is well documented Truth.

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