Hang on and keep on


It’s been a while since I’ve posted here. Things at the hospital have kept me busy but quite productive as well. My laptop was borrowed by my brother for two weeks so I wasn’t able to update much. But I just want to share the Lord still continue to work in my everyday life…in our everyday lives…if we just look closely and pay more attention to the little details. My God calls me to quiet times on my own everyday and that’s all that I ever need. Whether I share, laugh and cry in His presence, I know He is there and He hears and He gives me my own peace of mind in this crazy world. I hope to post some of my journal reflections here over the past few weeks that I was busy and hope to inspire and be inspired to walk in the Lord everyday. Hang in there, you guys and keep on keeping on!


The Holy Spirit is the Master of prayer, so ask Him to teach you how to pray :wink:


Hi, I’d like to hear your thoughts. When you have time. God bless:)


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