Hanger for Deacon Stole question

Hi all, God willing I will be ordained this May to the Permanent diaconate, and was starting to plan out a registry. One of the questions I have regards the hanging up of deacon stoles. I see some of the vestment hangers have a rod built in for the stoles to be hung on. Problem is, with deacon stoles there is a rope or chain between the two ends of the store and there would not be a way to slip this onto the rod.

I know there are special hangers that are made for stoles, but looking to just find a way with something I already might have. Is there any way to hang these up without getting any special hangers or by using suit hangers that I may already have?

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I don’t have an answer to your question. From the thread title, I thought this would be about a weird petty crime. :laughing: I’m glad it wasn’t. Congratulations on your upcoming ordination. :heart:


That’s what I thought. Oh no…a theft complaint!!:joy:


LOL… yes, I do see how you can jump to that conclusion. I should have written the title as “Hanger for Deacon Stole question”


Sorry, I updated the title.

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You just need to Google it.

There are open hangers made for your stole.

I just drape them over the rod. Easy peasy


Mary, I’d prefer to not have to buy something. I know there are open hangers (my one link went to one of those), but I like to see if there is a more frugal way to do this using existing hangers that I may already have.

I thought about using Pants Hangers that pinch the pants at the cuff, but that might damage the stole, or the stole just might be too thick. I have a bunch of these hangers at home. I also thought about using the suit hanger that has the bar that goes across it that can be unclipped for the pants, but again, will this damage the stole?

How? With the chain it would prevent it from being draped. Or, do you fold it in half again over the rod Deacon Jeff so you don’t have to mess with the chain?

A Deacon’s stole may be placed over a normal coat hanger but I think it’s preferable to store them (and all other vestments) flat. A vestment press is a wise investment as it notably protects vestments more than if they are on hangers.

It folds perfectly at the neck. That is how the maker delivers them actually.

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And how do you store the stoles that you are not wearing? I’m assuming you have the stole with your alb (or with each Dalmatic) so are you just storing each color with the same color dalmatic?

When you say “neck” with regards to the stole, are you talking about the part where the stole changes angles, which is normally where the cord or chain is?

At the parishes where I have worked, there are proper places to hang vestments in the Sacristy. They are cared for by the Sacristan.

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Thank you. That is true and I know some that have special wide drawers that are very flat for storing stoles. Not all church’s have these though.

I guess the moral of the story is wait to see where I am assigned. Some people have told me to get stole hangers, but it seems wasteful spending as I would think there must be a way to hang them on a normal hanger. Deacon Jeff mentioned one way that I can try and who knows, as you say, there may be accommodations where I am assigned for all of this and not anything I need to concern myself with now.

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DO NOT buy stole hangers

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Thanks @DeaconJeff… what exactly is the neck of a stole?

The part that goes around your neck. It folds in half perfectly and cleanly and is easily draped over the cross bar of the hanger under the dalmatic.


Okay, I think I know what you are saying. It would be the same as if I were to fold a necktie in half, and then fold that over. Thanks!

Now it sounds like the deacon’s hanger stole a question. :joy:


Not gonna lie (as the young people say): I still thought someone was Hungry and Angry at the deacon for stealing something.

“Have a Snickers” (as the TeeVee people say)

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