Hank Williams Jr. Says Obama Hates U.S

**I gotta agree with this… its kinda obvious to me anyways,

NEW YORK (CBS NEWS) -** Hank Williams Jr. made it pretty clear which presidential candidate he’ll be voting for come November. The country singer took a political swing at President Barack Obama while performing for a crowd of 8,500 at the Iowa State Fair Grandstand on Friday night.


[quote=Hank WIlliams, Jr.]We’ve got a Muslim president who hates farming, hates the military, hates the U.S. and we hate him!”

Well… no one looks to Madonna for deep political insights or even accuracy. I guess HW, Jr. is much the same.

No, it’s different. When we agree with what the celebrity says they’re knowledgable and should be praised for speaking the truth… When we don’t agree we should burn their CD’s and blackball them from the radio. (remember the Dixie Chicks?)

Hank, Madonna and the Dixie Chicks can say whatever they want. The day I vote for anyone because of what a celebrity thinks will be a snowy day in a very hot place.

Opinion. Not Catholic.

Now, if it was SR. I might pay attention. Ain’t he dead?

lol very true!

The notion that somehow Obama loves his country less than Mitt Romney is wrong and just plain dumb in my opinion. What possible reason could someone come up with to support such a statement? No one political party, race or ethnic group, etc. can lay claim to being a true American – I don’t care how many flag pins you put in your lapel or how much money you throw at the military. Hank Williams, Jr. should be ashamed of himself.

As a political analyst, Bocephus makes a mediocre singer.

Wow… you are dead wrong… obama and his ilk are trying to destroy America… period.

I won’t pay any more attention to him than I do to Ted “Dogbreath” Nugent or Alice Cooper. And that’s my final statement on this thread.

Dogbreath… ? Hope you didn’t stay up all night thinking of that one.

Has been for awhile I think…


Hank Williams is right. Based on Obama’s record, I knew he hates America. I truly wish I was wrong.

…oh bocephus…why do you drink? why do you roll smoke? and why?..why must you live out the songs that you wrote?

hahaha this is just dumb:)


I used to go to Joan Baez concerts in which she took a few political swings as well. I don’t pay much attention to the views of any of these celebrities.

It is seldom that a celebrity speaks out who is also aligned with truth. I am grateful for HW Jr.

I miss the days when we could disagree with someone without hating them and assuming that they are evil. :frowning:

Now it seems we must assume the worst motives of anyone who disagrees with us.

“cant we all just get a long-neck?”-hank williams jr.

haha i just keep thinking about this thread:)

pretty funny haha

You can’t know his heart, and it is rash judgment to say we can. There are many cases where people do far more harm out of love than hate could ever drive them to.

You’ve got your wish.

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