Hanna Montanna Movie

Does the Catholic Church approve of this movie for a nine year old girl? I had someone I respected chastise me for purchasing movie tickets, however, I can’t seem to find anything wrong with the movie? Doesn’t Hanna Montana represent good morals?:frowning:

Neither of my daughters are into Hanna Montana but I can’t find anything morally wrong with the program either. Did they tell you specifically what they thought was wrong with Hannah Montana?

The Catholic Church does not make any formal recommendations (or condemnations) of particular movies.

As for Hannah Montana, as far as I was able to figure (from Wikipedia) it is a TV show, not a movie, although there are plans for a movie to be released within the year. (You mention buying tickets, though, so perhaps Wikipedia is wrong?) This is probably why there are no movie reviews on the US Bishops website, or on the movie review site Decent Films. These are two good sources to find commentary on most popular movies from a Catholic perspective.

Other than that, the decision is really up to the individual parent as to what is appropriate for your children to watch and at what age level. You might ask this person you respect to point out what specifically is problematic with Hannah Montana. Sometimes, even if there is something morally questionable about a TV show or movie, it might still be mostly good, and we can use those problematic aspects as teaching moments for our kids. I have absolutely no knowledge of Hannah Montana, so I can’t really speak to that specifically. But it would be good for them to give you a reason.

As long as someone has a strong moral foundation and seeks to form their conscience (and that of their children) in conformity with Catholic teaching, they should be able to make good decisions about these sorts of things.

The “movie” I assume you are talking about is her concert that will be put on in Disney 3D in some theaters called Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus - The Best of Both Worlds Tour, and I don’t think there is anything morally wrong about it. In fact, the tv show itself is family friendly in my opinion and its pretty funny to watch. A lady I work with took her daughters to the concert and said it was wonderful.

They are also going to another movie that will probably come out later this year or next year. A little tid bit of info on that, Billy Ray Cyrus, Miley’s Dad, is pushing to have that movie filmed (at least some parts) in Tennessee since that’s where they are all from.

Miley Cyrus, who plays Hannah Montana is a Christian and discusses the fact that she regularly goes to church in interviews. I took my daughter to her concert and there is nothing objectionable that I could see. No revealing outfits, no bad language, no sexual references -nothing that came to my attention at all. In fact she sings a song (she says the most important one to her) that is dedicated to her late grandfather. There were some parents at the concert that dressed their kindergarteners like teenagers which I found irrating but that’s really a parental problem not a problem with Miley Cyrus.
The movie is all about her concert tour so I really don’t think there would be any problem with taking a 9 year old to it.

Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus is waaaaaay out of my generation (not to mention my gender). However, I saw a couple ep’s of her series last summer when our granddaughter was visiting. From what I can tell, Miley the actress and Hannah the character are soooo clean that they squeak. What a pleasant change from Britney and Lindsay.


Definitely. Its a really cute show. Billy Ray and the guy who plays her brother are hilarious. It reminds me a little of the show Boy Meets World or Home Improvement. Not necessarily plot, obviously, but family oriented like that. Lets put it this way. DH and I don’t have any kids yet, I’m 26 and he’s 29, and we think its really good. Something that we would watch with our kids (once we have some!) and something that we can enjoy watching just us.

My son is 13 and totally in love with Miley Cyrus. It is NOT cool for a 13-year-old boy to be watching “Hannah Montana” because it really is geared toward girls ages 8-11, but he does (just don’t let his friends know!) My husband and I have watched a few episodes and apart from the far-out premise (Miley Cyrus’ character, Miley Stewart, has an alter-ego who is a famous pop star named “Hannah Montana”–hence the theme song “Best of Both Worlds”), it’s actually a very entertaining, family friendly show. My only pet peeves are that Disney, true to tradition, had to get rid of Mom (apparently, on the show she’s deceased, but Miley’s real-life mother–and Billy Ray’s real-life wife–Tish, played the part in a “dream sequence” episode) and there’s the now-standard smart-mouth kids.

I’ve read a lot of articles on Miley Cyrus in various magazines. The recurring message I’m getting is that her parents are being very careful not to let success at such a young age ruin their daughter (they have pointed out Britney, Lindsey and Paris as warnings to her), that they insist on church attendance every Sunday, that she is NOT allowed to spend her money without their permission (she was grounded for spending $1000 on a designer handbag she bought without consulting her parents) and that family comes first.

The “Hannah Montana” craze maybe has gotten a bit out of hand (I can just imagine what the tickets to her sold-out concerts are going for on eBay! :eek: ) but that’s not Miley’s fault. I don’t see that there is anything particularly offensive about the TV series or any movie that might come from it. Let’s hope it stays that way!

I’ve watched Hanna Montana many times with my grandaughter, and see nothing wrong with it. In this day of 24/7 scum and trash on tv, I think this a refreshing change. Hopefully, her parents will keep it that way in the future.

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