Hannah montanns pole dances at the teens choice awards

I was changing the channels when I saw Miley Cyrus come out on stage wearing a skimpy outfit, high heels and a pole (like the ones used in strip clubs.) I waited for the media story, but none happened? :confused:

so I googled it. Here’s a link …newsspoiler.com/entertainmemt/miley-cyrushannah-montana-pole-dance-on-stage-and-fallout-0012700.php

What do you think?

Personally, after trying unsuccesfully to filter out the not so bad programs from the rotton programs on Nickelodeon and Disney, I gave uo and just blocked them both (along with Cartoon Network.) I find it ironic that the only channels blocked on my TV are children’s channels.

This is very disturbing, considering the fact she is a minor and she is a huge influence on young girls. Of course, even if she was an obscure performer of the age of majority with no influence, it would still be wrong.

Television is disgusting. I barely watch it anymore, it rots your brain.

It’s sad. Pathetically, heart-rendingly sad. Miley Cyrus was probably a nice, good kid until she got involved in show-biz, which is a medium that morally destroys the children who become entrapped by it. I predict, much to my regret, that within 15 years Miley Cyrus will have been:

A. Married and divorced at least twice;

B. Arrested for drug or alcohol abuse or public indecency;

C. Had a child or children out of wedlock;

D. Involved in a rehab program.

You can predict this based on the track record of other kids who have come up through the entertainment ranks, like Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan. Somehow, they always end up going from sweet little girls to loathsome tramps. The whole system just corrupts and ruins them. The parents are probably swayed by the obscene amounts of money their offspring can generate, but at what cost? The child’s immortal soul.

i feel so sorry for children in show business. they are under so much pressure. miley cyrus is already very, very wealthy. she has been an actress and singer for many years already.

i did see a video of her performance and the title of the song itself - something like “party in the U.S.A.” and it is probably a good reason why the muslim countries see the West in such a negative manner and immoral.

the song itself gives the message that partying is the thing to do for young people. the song is lively and her audience contains people of all ages.

i have heard miley’s dad give interviews and i think he and the mother are pretty involved in their daughter’s life, but how she will handle her fame and money in a few years when she becomes a young adult of 18-21 is what concerns me. so many child stars seem to get burnt out and they drop out and you don’t hear much of them again, but since she is also a performer i wonder what kind of songs she will be singing in 3 or 4 years.

look at everything britney spears went through. and her sister jamie lynn.

Parents writes a letter to Hannah: danielarellano.com/archives/1934

Miss Cyrus is under the contractual control of individuals who create her image. The word is being put out that she is not a ‘little girl’ anymore. I also find it sad that women on news programs will say/read that she is trying to “break out of her good girl image.” How sad that a young woman needs to be portrayed as a stripper.

I felt the same way after seeing a barely clothed image of Britney on a magazine cover. I thought, Where are her parents?

Wake up, American Catholics. Wake up. Turn off your TV. Send emails to these young ladies. Encourage them to avoid fleeting fame and money they will not be able to enjoy. I think of the late Judy Garland who was being given uppers by her handlers to wring a few more hours of work out of her. She was told she was getting vitamins. It is important not to portray everyone in Hollywood as evil, but the pattern has been established: get married, get divorced, develop a substance abuse problem, get connected to other celebrities and so on.

Thanks for posting that letter.


A fine letter.

I am soooo glad we don’t have TV reception/service in our home anymore!

I’m told pole-dancing (also known as vertical-bar gymnastics) is actually very healthy and good for developing one’s upper-body strength. The fact that it’s generally associated with strip clubs is what makes it problematic. As long as you’'re not wearing something that shows a lot of skin and you aren’t doing any provocative dance moves before you start your routine, it shouldn’t be a real problem…

Sadly, this isn’t one of those cases.

oh, i am sure it is very good exercise, however, probably inappropriate for a young teenage female to be performing a pole dance while performing on the teen choice awards
in front of a very young audience. she definitely was wearing very short shorts during her routine. surprisingly, her parents were in the audience. i was trying to judge the look on her dad’s face after the performance. he and his wife were both applauding, but i couldn’t tell if he approved of the style of performance or not. they both had brave smiles on their faces, but i don’t know if they were forced or not.

That letter rocked. :clapping: I’m also praying for Miley.

The whole Hollywood “teen” scene is why my kids watch Discovery Channel and Food Network instead.

Miley seems like such a good kid when I ve seen her on talk shows. Seems to like her Dad and that was nice to see. It’s sad she had to buy out at such an early age. I cant imagine my daughter or any of her friends doing a routine like that at 16 years old. Very sad for her.

Hope she turns a corner and gets back to using her talent in less provocative ways…

Miss Cyrus is under the contractual control of individuals who create her image. The word is being put out that she is not a ‘little girl’ anymore. I also find it sad that women on news programs will say/read that she is trying to “break out of her good girl image.” How sad that a young woman needs to be portrayed as a stripper.

I couldn’t agree more! Why isn’t Miley allowed to just be herself? A pretty, talented teenager instead of someone who’s on the fast track to rehab and scandalous photos in People magazine. Why do the women think it’s necessary to act like a stripper or hooker in order to be seen and noticed? It’s a sad state of affairs when this kind of behavior is accepted and admired, especially by someone who’s so young and has her whole life ahead of her.

It definitely was inappropriate, though i didn’t think it was actually a “pole-dance”. It was provocative though, more because of the outfit than anything. She basically just held on to the pole. But i’m not defending her.

And i think blocking Nickelodeon, etc. was a bit extreme. Although i’ve seen some questionable things on Cartoon Network, it was nothing too extreme.

:eek: Miley Cyrus is coming to the Sommet Center in Nasville on November 25, (not a commerical for the concert! try getting a ticket!:eek:) I wonder if she will bring her pole to Nashville? And I also wonder how many parents would walk out with their kids if she did? We are in the “Bible Belt” of the South! She seems to have forgotten where she came from and the morals from her past. Hopefully she will realize that she could be a great example for all of her young fans if she took a more careful of how she presents herself in public, and forget all of that “show business stuff”! We need to pray for her and her family.
Also there has to be some one at Disney that could change the programs and the contents of them. There are a lot of “OLD” Disney movies and shows that are very good and has morals in them.
May God Bles

I saw some of it w/ my 18 yr old dd and said something like, “Oh my gosh, she’s dressed like that in front of her dad?” Not to mention millions of viewers.

This reminded me of something that shows how far we’ve gone since the early days of Disney. Back when Annette Funicello was moving onto more Teen type Beach movies, Walt Disney asked her to please try to remain modest and even asked her not to wear a bikini. Boy have times changed, now it’s, hey, you’re 16 now, you need to dress less modestly and perform more grown up numbers to change your image…:eek:

And that is the problem. The media wants us to accept the following: when you’re a kid you can’t say certain words or watch certain things on TV or act a certain way. When you’re an adult - bingo - it’s all OK. Say those bad words, watch those “adult” shows on TV, and act like, well, a very immodest person.

This is not being grown up. I think Catholic parents have got to practice what they preach. No, nobody’s perfect, but sin as a kid is still sin as an adult. We need to watch it, and not accept what the world wants to teach us.

Yes, modesty was very important to American society at one time and some people still practice it. Modesty, especially in the case of feminine beauty, means that you can look but that there is an understanding between both parties regarding how little each can wear. That needs to be stressed.


:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: I tell this to my kids all the time!! My husband and I stress that when we do watch something they can’t watch, it is not because it is sinful … but that it is innapropriate for children. If it’s sinful, then it’s wrong no matter how old you are.

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