Hans Küng considering being euthanised

Dissident theologian Hans Küng, 85, has written in his new book "Erlebte Menschlichkeit, the third part of his memoirs, that he is considering Euthanasia for himself.

He states he could not write properly anymore, and his eyesight was decreasing noticeably. Küng says he suffers from Parkinson’s disease, and does not want to continue to live as a “shadow of my former self”. “A human has a right to die when he sees no hope to live a, in his own view, worthy life”, states Küng. If he were to take this step, it would be one last stand against the hierarchy of the Catholic Church, which he is known for defying repeatedly.

You can read more here in German: spiegel.de/panorama/gesellschaft/theologe-hans-kueng-denkt-ueber-tod-durch-sterbehilfe-nach-a-925356.html

I haven’t found an English language link yet, but will keep a lookout.

Pray for a sincere conversion for this sad priest. God Bless Memaw.

I guess this is what the antithesis of what a Christian is. Is it not?
Putting one self above everything else.
Who can say what impact in someone elses salvation might have been if someone just accepted that our lives have meaning and scope beyond what WE want them to be.
We REJECT God’s plan and prefer instead to make our own instead.
He is no theologian, just a lost sheep, let’s pray for his conversion to true Christ instead of the self centered stance he obviously has.

Poor ol’ Hans, such a giant ego. But lets remember the difficult times he grew up in. We need to pray for him and all those having difficulties in faith.


Continued prayers for him.

I agree!

Anything I might say, and I mean anything, would be uncharitable so I will zip it for my soul’s sake.

Notice the difference in how Kung seems to define his self - worth and dignity with how JPII did at the end? Fundamentally, Kung is sending a message that people are only worth as much as they can achieve. JPII sent the message that even suffering and physical deterioration can be offered up to God as a sacrifice.

IMO, the latter definition and example of dignity is far greater.

Sadly, Fr. Kung is not in his right mind. This became apparent a year ago when he called for open revolution against the hierarchy. He has had a long and distinguished career serving the Church. Though his theological writings were not fully accepted, and he has been banned from teaching in Catholic institutions for many years, he is still a priest in good standing in the Church. His ability to think rationally has gone. I suspect his publisher sees this, but anything he writes will sell in the market. He played an active part in Vatican II, and I have great respect for him.

Is that assertion based on someone’s professional clinical observations of him or are you asserting that all intelligent dissenters are “not in their right minds?”

Many people are suffering and see no hope. I have friends who have suffered severe depression and have often felt that life wasn’t worth living or that they weren’t worthy of life. My grandfather, God bless his soul, died when my grandmother died, though he continued to live for nearly a year afterward. Does Küng think the severely depressed “has a right to die” as well? What differentiates suicide because of physical conditions versus mental?

(But then again, the current school of thought seems to be that depression and other mental health issues are as physiological as any other ailment. So perhaps there isn’t a distinction in Küng’s mind.)

On the contrary,. I have been a devoted fan of Fr. Kung’s writings for many years. In the last couple of years there has been an illogical turn in his thinking that has grown glaring obvious.

As a matter of fact, I did work for three years on the evening shift of a large state mental hospital that had 2,700 mental patients. This, with the Korean G.I. Bill, help pay my way through college. We college students on the wards worked closely with the psychiatrists who discussed the illness and psychosis of each patient with us. We were also encouraged to read the patient’s files on our wards in order to better handle them. It was an education in itself. I am no expert, but I do have some experience dealing with mental patients.

I suspect Fr. Kung is a very sick man who’s mental judgment is impaired. :smiley:

I’m neither a student nor a fan of Kung (whose theology is more Lutheran than catholic - and I’ll probably anger some Lutherans with that one). But it seems to me that the man has been on a steady trajectory away from faith and reason for a whole lot longer than the last couple years. What change in substance do you believe only showed up recently?

Pray for his mind to be reversed if he is considering euthanasia.

Seems he has been since Vatican II, God Bless, Memaw

I’m sorry if this is an ad hominem, but there is something wrong with him. I sincerely believe that.

My first thought as well. Excellent post.

And the reason is: THE MAN IS SICK. :rolleyes:

He is considered one of the greatest theologians living today. :slight_smile:

By WHO??? Certainly not the Vatican. God Bless, Memaw

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