What are you doing to pursue happiness? I read an entry about it in “The Catholic Encyclopaedia”, and there’s quite a bit of philosophical bent to the topic, which involves both health, and finances, and a definite avoidance of pain, yet acceptance of it, to the avoidance of being a merely passive beast. I enjoyed the last paragraph, which led me to place this topic in “Vocations”, because it referenced the use of intellect, toward the end of contemplating God, and pursuing happiness not so much in this life, but in the next.
I have to admit: quite a bit of the philosophical means toward happiness, a healthy body, and fortunate lifestyle, and avoidance of pain, look like they could certainly benefit happiness in this life, and to the extent, that there is pain in this life, it does not always appear to be ordered toward happiness in the next, and therefore, go for the happiness in this life, but enjoyment of pursuing happiness in the next life, what are your thoughts, or what are your actions toward deepening your relationship with Jesus?
I’m sure we all have some problem in our lives, that we need to subjugate to happiness in the next life, a contemplation on God, and it may be a happiness that we attend to in this life. Health, and fortune, and avoiding the success of our life, being summed as painful, yet, gratefully not that of a pig, but … the pessimism of suicide as an option to alleviate the woes of humanity, must force a pessimist toward the envying of a pig’s life.
Let’s go ahead and avoid the pessimism, and gratitude for life outside that of a pig, and move toward the happiness to pursue in another life. Sometimes I look at a crucifix, hanging on my wall. The thoughts vary with recenct actions in my life, and I do have questions: what more can I do? What do you do.

In my case, I try to live quietly, take care of my wife and, most importantly, draw nearer to God.

I think I’m doing better in the first two than I am in the last but most important…


What a great question, one of the best I’ve seen here.

I think it’s safe to say that happiness is a fleeting feeling, one that can’t be conjured up reliably or at will. It tends to come when you least expect it.

But when I want to maximize my own sense of well-being (something slightly different, and which we do have a measure of control over) I try to simplify my life and my daily responsibilities. I try to calm my mind and boil down whatever I have to do this day, this week, this year, into its simplest essence.

Thank you for those replies, meeting our responsibilities with a priority of the next life in mind, it is very important. Also, simplifying matters to their essence, that I enjoyed reading.

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