Happy 50th birthday, Humanae Vitae!


Happy 50th birthday to one of the most important and timely encyclicals of the 20th century!

How has HV affected your life?


Was there any statement about Humanae Vitae made by the Vatican today? I saw plenty of announcements from various countries’ bishops, but nothing from the Holy Father or the Vatican.


A few prominent Evangelical ‘leaders’ insist we should find it informative even if we don’t fully agree with it.
The following article is, I would argue, representative of some sections of Evangelicalism (likely a minority) even if they are completely oblivious to the contents of HV.
I’m posting the following quote because I’m in full agreement with the statement and I hope more of my fellow Evangelicals come to the same conclusion.

I believe that Protestants have done themselves a disservice by ignoring Humanae Vitae’s substantial statement on human anthropology and sexuality. Our distaste for things Roman Catholic, dating back to the sixteenth century, has deprived us of a wealth of theological wisdom on some very important ethical challenges. Protestants would be well-served to study Paul VI’s encyclical and take heed of its warnings. Our acceptance of most forms of birth control is not helping us teach the next generation about sex and sexuality. It is time for us to reconsider our stance.

Evan Lenow is associate professor of ethics and director of the Center for Biblical Stewardship at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Found via: https://www.thegospelcoalition.org/article/evangelicals-guide-humanae-vitae-human-life/


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