Happy 80th birthday, Mickey Mouse!

I just realized something! In 1928, Disney released its classic short, Steamboat Willie, which was also the first appearance of that loveable Mickey Mouse! That means this year marks his 80th birthday! So, let’s have a hand for America’s favorite mouse!
If you need proof for this, click here: Steamboat Willie on Wikipedia
and you can watch the classic short right here!

Mickey Mouse–what a geezer! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually, if you want to get technical, his first short was “Plane Crazy”. But that wasn’t released until after “Steamboat Willie”, so it still works out.

The Lone Ranger will be 75 this year; NPR had a feature about him Monday evening. Not quite as old as Mickey, but getting up there.

Happy birthday, Kemosabe.


And the actual date of his birthday is November 18. I remember this vividly as a child because there were all kinds of specials on TV that day to “celebrate.” I thought my brother was very lucky to share his birthday with Mickey.:smiley: disney.go.com/characters/mickey/html/meet/mickey.html

Actually, if you want to get really technical, Walt Disney’s first character was Oswald the Rabbit but it was sold to NBC a LOONNNNNGGGG time ago and was just recently acquired back by Disney in exchange for something that I can’t remember what it is!

Back on track though…Happy Birthday Mickey!:cake:

And every time the copy write on Steamboat Willy comes up. Disney goes to Congress and gets the law changed to extend the copy write system. It’s happened 2 or 3 times. They are scared silly that Mikey Mouse will get in the Public Domain.

if your satellite service has the Ovation channel check out the Man Behind the Mouse: the Ub Iwerks story, of Walt’s partner from his early days and responsible more than anyone else for the empire and the franchise.

My husband just learned all about this in his orientation last week! He starts today with Disney–we are so exciteed! He’ll be in business development in the itinerary planning dept–for international guests at Disney…We love Disney–and so your thread here caught my eye! :slight_smile:

I used to work at Disney. I worked at MGM Studios in the parking lot. One of my duties was driving the tram. :cool:

My husband did that parttime in college–weird! Small world. :stuck_out_tongue:


why is that funny?:frowning:

You said Small World.

Oh my gosh–:blush: I didn’t even notice the pun.:stuck_out_tongue: (sorry):blush:

I’m the type to notice puns. :smiley:

DH & I love Disney and DH has always said if he ever won the lottery he would want to go to work for Disney and drive the monorail! Ever since we got to ride up front with the driver he has wanted to do that!:stuck_out_tongue:

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