Happy Birthday, Israel!



:cake: :clapping:

66 years old and you don’t look a day over 45!


Yes. Happy Birthday Israel. I have had the chance to visit four times. Beautiful country and people.




I hope you both follow Pope Fancis on his visit through to the Holy land May 24 -26 as I will be doing. Just look at his itinerary and you will see that this mission will be a real eye opener.



What do you mean by that?

It’s funny Israel is celebrating its 66th birthday when the nation of Israel actually predates the US and Canada by centuries and centuries. Happy Birthday, Israel.


The 66 year old nation of Israel is not the Israel of the Bible. I used to imagine it was until I studied the history of how this current nation was formed going back to the European zionist all the way up to the Zionist creation of Israel in 1948. It was not developed in Jude principles.


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