Happy Birthday Jack Chick! [Akin]

It’s Jack Chick’s 83rd birthday today!
BTW, the above picture of Chick (left) has been REMOVED from the website of Victory Baptist Church, which I take as a sign that it is, indeed, authentic.
Anyway, happy birthday to Jack Chick! (Unless birthdays are evil or something!)
CHT to the readers who e-mailed!


He sure does look happy for someone who writes what he writes. And look! He’s pointing a finger at someone else! How did I expect that?

May God grant him many more years of life–in which to recant his attacks on Christ’s Church, poor man. :frowning:

If only he would have stuck to scaring the h-e-l-l out of people instead of his insane crusade against Catholicism, he’d have been another Billy Graham instead of the religious equivalent of Don Imus.

Wow! Even Don Imus is insulted by that comment!!!

Did you know that there is a Chick ban here in Canada? He is not allowed to visit here, his tracts have been deemed as hate literature. AMEN! After all, Canada is predominantly Catholic, so thanks be to God that he’s been banned from coming here and deceiving people into his gospel of paranoid conspiracies and utter contempt for other Christians, even those who disagree, but accept Catholics as Christian.

…I forgot to say: let’s pray for him, that the Holy Spirit would convict him of his errors in judgement!


i always expected him to be feeble looking. he looks pretty healthy. wow.

that’s not a finger point. that’s a Masonic hand gesture symbolizing that the real Jack Chick has been neutralized and the imposter Jack Chick has infiltrated Victory Baptist Church! :eek:

Am I the only one on the planet who has never heard of this guy?:shrug:

If you are then you are the only one who hasn’t missed much. Jack Chick’s message is hatred towards the Catholic Church and you are better off never having heard of him…:thumbsup:

i learned a lot about the bible and the Catholic Church just from researching why he was wrong. so, something positive did come from this guy.

You may have and you didn’t know it.

Did you ever see those small comic pamphlets that people stuff in the stalls in public bathrooms? After a brief read, you realize that they are bashing Catholics and all.

That’s Chick Tracts. He’ll bash other faiths, but he’s got a whole lot of steam against the Mother Church.

There is a reason for everything…:slight_smile:

Maybe we should all go get his address off of his website and send him a bunch of birthday cards with holy cards in them. Especially the Divine Mercy since that is this Sunday! Meanwhile we can all offer the DMC for him.

Not THAT"s what I call “spiritual warfare”. :smiley:

Well, if you’re really bored one day you can just use the forum search feature and type in “Jack Chick” as the search terms. I did and just got something like 4 pages of threads that contain it.

Just do it when you are home, so that you can take a nice hot, relaxing shower afterward.:smiley:

Why that’s so thoughtful of you, lol. It should be written in Latin, with a picture of the Blessed Mother and the Eucharist. That’d be most appreciated, I’m sure.:smiley:
Pax Christi,

Do you think it’s a kind of veneration?

Do you have a link to this info? I am intrigued that there could be a Chick ban in Canada. Catholics represent the largest faith group in the country but we’re also the most persecuted. I would have expected that Chick might be a member of parliament or a journalist at the CBC. But banned? Go figure!:doh2:

Do you think he would be adverse to candles on his birthday cake? :slight_smile: Oh! Oh! I’m going to send him some incense aftershave. :smiley:

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