Happy Birthday Jesus , our saviour!

To all of my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ here on the forum , Merry Christmas to you and your families, God bless you all. I am so just happy that you ALL got blessed by our Lord , I am sure HE ANSWERED THIS ! . That is very wonderful. I AM HAPPY FOR YOU. Now I ask for you to pray for my intentions. LORD I PRAY in Jesus’s name that you bring a special Godly loving man or Barbara’s fireman boyfriend whom she loves dearly will want to be serious with her and eventually one person will marry her . Lord heal her and bring her heart to you . Let her be filled with the HOLY SPIRIT and let Jesus be in her heart. thanks to you LORD GOD, in Jesus’s name, amen. Lord bring Laura , Lex’s exg.f. as a girlfriend or a friend to Lex and/ or a new woman who will truly love him and both can grow as loving Catholic Christians. Lord HEAL THEM . thanks Lord for this , in Jesus’s name, amen. God bless you all , Merry Christmas , your brother in Christ- John

I thank you all for praying , pleasse keep praying for these Catholics and Christians as they need love in their lives, thanks, John

I THANK in advance for your prayers . Please keep them in PRAYER TOO. I thank each of you, Happy New Year, Have a Happy Christmas week, John

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