"Happy Birthday John Cleese, Basil Fawlty in Fawlty Towers "

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Greatest show ever IMHO. Wish they’d made more episodes.

I just found out the other week that Ballard Berkeley who played the Major was a Special Constable during the Blitz and was present at the scene of the bombing of the famous Cafe de Paris nightclub in London.

It was also fun to see a much much younger Prunella Scales turn up in an old movie playing a very young bride-to-be.


Two factors of British TV militated against having more episodes of Fawlty Towers:

  1. The episodes were notoriously time-consuming to write and rehearse. I believe it took weeks for each one to finally come together on film. They were really perfectionist about the scripts.
  2. British TV series have way fewer episodes per “season” (called “series” in England) than American shows. So a small number of seasons produced a surprisingly low number of episodes.
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