Happy birthday Mary


My dear friends

If She were amongst us today what would you give Her for a birthday present?

May our Blessed Mother watch over, guard and guide us always:thumbsup::slight_smile:



I have given her my heart, for her birthday. Which in turn, she will give to Jesus.

Happy Birthday, sweet Mother. I love you!



What a glorious day it is…Our Blessed Mother’s Birthday. The greatest gift we could give her is to come closer to her son…maybe with a mass or the very least a rosary.And to do everything to bring others with us.

If Mother’s day is the busiest day of the year to call your mother…this should be even greater since she is everyone’s mother. Let’s storm heaven together with prayers and shower thanks to Mary for all that she has done.:thumbsup:


Happy birthday Maria!!!
I did not even know that it was her birthday, but I had the compulsion to sing Ave Maria when I woke up this morning. I never sing in the shower and my husband looked at me puzzled as I passed by him on my way to get dressed, “why are you being a little song bird this morning?”


Ah, I’m so happy today! :slight_smile: You are so right! Your heart and a garland of roses is the best present!:slight_smile:


I’d give her a call.

Happy birthday Mama Mary!


Happy Birthday our kind Mother Mary


Happy Birthday Blessed Mother,

I love you more than words could ever describe. When i first met you, your voice was silent, but your love for me was overwhelming. I believe with all my heart that you led me to the Catholic church. After all there was a couple of years before I knew actually who you were. Your Son knew I needed you so very much. Even though i did not know who you were, the love that you transfered to me was awesome and I knew in my heart and soul you had to be someone that knew me. I asked myself then, who could this woman be, that loves me so deeply and I don’t even know who she is.

I love you Mother,
your daughter forever


I would go out and help someone who needs it, and show them love. I think Mary would love that a lot more than any material gift I could get her. :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday Mama Mary! I love you!



My undying love and gratitude


All that I have and all that I am.

Belated Happy Birthday Mama Mary!


Dear Blessed Mother,

My birthday present to the blessed mother is to be closer to her son Jesus.

ora pro nobis precatoribus


**Happy Birthday to our dear Mother Mary **:heart:

let us try to pray the Rosary today and give Our Lady roses for her birthday :slight_smile:

I love You Mama Mary!!


A big hug and a kiss! Pray the rosary and tell her how much I love her!


Happy Birthday to Our Blessed Mother. I love you and thank you for your, “YES”

MarieVeronica-That goes for me also and I remember our Bishop (retired now) told us that, “Mary, would want us all to focus on her Son”

Stbruno-I agree

snowflakes- Wonderful.

Eucharisted-We do call upon the Blessed Mother by our actions and Prayers.

What can we do for Our Blessed Mother? We can learn more about her and her Son.

Birth of Mary


The following links I have posted on other threads but I thought I would share them here also.

Lady of Knock sung by Daniel O’Donnell


Lady of Knock sung by Dana Rosemary Scallon


Mary, Pierced by a Sword-- The song is called “Silently” by Tatiana/Tajci



Hail Mary, Gentle woman sung by Angelina



Ave Maria (German) sung by Barbara Bonney


Hail Mary in Latin



The Angelus in Latin


Sung by “Daughters of Mary”


Our Lady of Guadulupe



Part. 2


Part. 3


The Mysteries of Our Lady of Guadulupe


Our Lady of Guadalupe (as sung by Molly Chesna)


This is a thread I started on March.22/09/Sun. It has various pictures of Our Lady.



I prayed the rosary for her birthday. :slight_smile:


Everybody pray a rosary to your sweet, heavenly Mother tonight! She truly deserves our Love and Gratitude! I love you Mary! :heart::signofcross::heart:


Our Blessed Mother Pray for your children. Amen.


We are about to go have cake in her honor and sing to her. :smiley:


Thank you all. I’m sure She had a great birthday.

God bless you and Mother Mary keep you:thumbsup::slight_smile:


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