Happy Birthday Mother Mary!



Lest we forget, today is her birthday.

May she make her presence to us known.

We owe her Christ himself!!!

in Xt


Went to Mass this AM to celebrate Her birthday, with our priest who has such a heart for Her (he brought donuts to celebrate…after Mass, of course!).

Happy Birthday, Sweet Mother! If you hadn’t said that reverberating “yes,” we’d be so lost.


House of Gold


YES! Happy Birthday! My son and I went to mass this morning and he took her some freashly picked flowers!


Happy Birthday!


I love you Mary!


As we celebrate the birth of Mary, let us be ever mindful of her example to us. Her faith, humility, charity, obedience, and above all her love for God illuminated her life. May we strive to follow her and love God more and more.


I remember in elementary school we sang the song :

“Sing of Mary pure and lowly, Virgin Mother undefiled.”…


Yes. I started my Consecration today because it’s her birthday. :slight_smile:


HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARY!!! :slight_smile:

I was consecrated today in St. Louis De Monfort’s Total Consecration to Mary. Long live the Queen of Hearts!! :thumbsup:


I got goosebumps from reading our greetings to our blessed mother!!!

Like Lilith said in the other post, Christ’s face and Mother’s face look alike…imagine how beautiful she is.

Gentle woman, quiet light, teach us wisdom, teach us Love.

in XT


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