Happy birthday, PenguinsFan


Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you…happy birthday dear PenguinsFaaaannnn…happy birthday to you!

Love you sweetie! You are 49 today!:love:

(((hugs))):blessyou: :hug1: :cake: (sorry, couldn’t get all the candles on the cake):rotfl:


Next year we can welcome PenguinFan to the Crumudgeons!!!

Have a happy one, PenguinFan!


Aw, what a sweet wifey;) , WG. Happy Birthday PenguinsFan… :thumbsup:

(couldn’t get all the candles on the cake)hehe, that is funny. Don’t worry me too.:rotfl: :rotfl:


I now know what curmudgeon means.:o I was too embarrassed to ask!:rotfl:


Happy birthday Penguin.

I am hoping your wife will have a wonderful evening planned for you - complete with well behaved children catering to your every need. :thumbsup: ( just because that’s what I always want for my birthday)


But we always don’t get what we want now do we.:hmmm: :rotfl: That would be good though. We are celebrating on Sunday, because we are going to the Cheesecake Factory for din din, and we don’t have to get up on Monday–we all have MLK day off!! yipppeeeeee!!!:extrahappy:





oooh, Cheesecake Factory.:thumbsup:


He has never been–I have only been with my sister, and the kids…so he is in for a TREAT!:yup:




He is in for a treat, especially if his sweetie, is picking up the tab. hehe:D


OMGosh… This is too funny!!! Happy Birthday Penguins Fan!!! … and whatevergirl… BEHAVE!!!


Happy Birthday Penguins Fan! Might I suggest the following photo as a good gift. Don’t you agree Sharon?!!


Happy Birthday!:slight_smile:


That’s great!:thumbsup: I’m not that old…yet!:blush:


Now you’re talkin.:smiley:

to everyone with well wishes for me–THANK YOU! It’s good to be alive another day to promote the kingdom of God.:thumbsup:


Have a good one, I can see you now, celebrating…



ROFL!:smiley: He is watching the Pens of course!!


Happy birthday to you!!! :dancing:

I just have to ask… is this your first year of being 49 (ducks and runs for cover)? :wink:


Well, even though I am a Devils fan (NJ hockey team, for those who have that confused look on their faces) :confused: , happy birthday PenguinsFan! Get the Dulce de Leche cheesecake. Trust me.

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