Happy Birthday, Pope Benedict!

Pope Benedict’s brilliant writings and beautiful liturgical sensibility helped bring me home to the Catholic Faith. In honor of his birthday I put up a list of my top ten favorite Benedict writings (HERE). I was wondering what is YOUR favorite Benedict writing?

My is Spirit of the Liturgy, it is the one I come back to the most, followed very closely by the Jesus of Nazareth series (which aided in my conversion). Okay, so that’s technically four books, but when dealing with a future Doctor of the Church, picking one is nearly impossible!! :slight_smile:

“Spirit of the Liturgy” is great, but I haven’t got to read the Jesus of Nazareth series yet. And yes, I really hope he is made a Doctor of the Church someday.

Happy Birthday to Pope Benedict, I miss him very much.

Happy Birthday Pope Benedict. God bless you.

Happy Birthday Pope Benedict!:cake:

I *loved *The Spirit of the Liturgy.

I’ve read a few short books on the apostles and the fathers, and plan to read the Jesus of Nazareth this year. I hear they are amazing.

Happy birthday dear papa Benny. Miss you.

I haven’t read much of his work, but what I have read, I love. I too like Spirit of the Liturgy, but I love even more his Introduction to Christianity. Frankly, one of his books is rich enough for me to meditate on for a long time.

Loved the Jesus of Nazareth books, and hope to soon be able to read more of his writings. His mind and knowledge are amazing. People don’t know what a treasure they are missing out on by not reading his writings. I’m hoping that he is spending some of his time now writing some more.

Apparently something new is coming out, although I think there isn’t anything written in here from the last year:


God Bless you.

Loved his Jesus of Nazareth book.

He is also my favorite pope.

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