🎂 Happy Birthday President-Elect Biden!

Today is the Birthday of Joseph R. Biden! :slightly_smiling_face:


I pray for all of those who don’t get to ever celebrate a birthday because of the current laws and the party that supports those laws, voters too who support this. . . .


Happy birthday, Mr. Vice President.

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I too pray for the 200k+ people who will never celebrate another birthday due to the current government’s reckless indifference to the deadly toll of this pandemic.


Happy Birthday to Joe. Hope he posts some fun pictures of himself in a party hat with a cake.


Happy birthday, and may God lead Mr. Biden in his future efforts.

I recommend not arguing with off-topic posts, btw. Just let the mods deal with it.


The topic of the thread is that it’s Joe Biden’s birthday.

Imagine the people we know in real life.

It’s Maggie’s birthday today!

Too bad because she committed sins!

It’s Roger’s birthday today!


You aren’t required to agree with Joe Biden. You aren’t even required to like him.

But the topic is his birthday.

Happy Birthday.

There are 5 million other threads about abortion.


I wouldn’t mind pictures of his dogs in party hats.


Not Joe Biden’s dog, just a German Shepherd in a party hat.



That would be excellent!

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Well, that didn’t take long. :roll_eyes:

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For the birthday intentions of Joe Biden:

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with you.
Blessed are you among women, and blest is the fruit of your womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of death.


Where did you get the idea that the Roe court was “Republican”? It is true that Blackmun, a Republican, is the one that kind of pushed the idea of taking the case because he wanted to protect doctors. However, the makeup of the bench was as follows:

CJ Burger - Republican
Douglas - Democrat
Brennan - Democrat, and a Roman Catholic Democrat to boot, but he was pro-abortion rights. He was nominated by Eisenhower as a strategic ploy to get Roman Catholic Democrats to vote for Ike.
Stewart - Republican
White - Democrat
Marshall - Democrat
Blackmun - Republican
Powell - Democrat
Rehnquist - Republican

So, five Democrats and four Republicans.

The two justices who dissented were 1 Republican (Rehnquist) and 1 Democrat (White).
So, four Democrats and three Republicans voted for abortion.

Not seeing how this is a “Republican Supreme Court”.

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This kind of rank demagoguery is ridiculous. Is Trump responsible for the deaths in other countries, too?
Is Trump responsible for Cuomo and Murphy putting infected seniors back into nursing homes, where thousands and thousands of seniors died as a result?
Operation warp speed has us on the verge of not one, but two vaccines that will be started before the end of the year. Never before has a vaccine been been done anywhere near this fast. This was Trump’s doing.
Dr. Fauci said Trump did everything they asked.

Man, there is no topic into which someone can’t interject abortion.


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Back then it mattered less. The Court has become increasingly seen as important and increasingly politicized since the Burger Court. Roe was responsible for a great deal of the politicization. Also for the rise of the Christian Right and for putting a public check on high court judicial activism.

Do you think Ike would have gotten away with nominating a Roman Catholic Democrat justice if people really thought the S Ct was important back then? They didn’t see it as important because that was before all the activist Warren Court-era civil rights/ crim pro opinions that culminated in Roe.

As late as 2000, you still had federal judges (not SCt justices, but federal judges) getting uncontroversially sworn in via private hearings that took 5 minutes. Nowadays every nomination is a big fight. It’s annoying but what can you do.

I really hope you’re not saying that Roman Catholic justices have some duty to find some way to bar every execution that comes their way regardless of where the case is legally and what legal basis is presented to them. Amy Barrett also said before being confirmed that she was not committing herself to an anti-death penalty position in cases of people already on death row.

Also, let’s be honest: people care a lot more about millions of innocent dead babies than they do about some guy who raped, beat, and buried alive a high school student who was home studying for an exam, to get even with her brothers over a drug debt. Defending or sympathizing with heinous criminals is emotionally difficult even for those of us who support and argue for LWOP. I didn’t even do it full time and I have a high tolerance for reading and looking at grisly crime stuff and it was hard even then. I have a friend who had to get out of the business.

Might as well close this thread. It’s been thoroughly hijacked.


Well, I hope Joe enjoyed cake with his kids and grands at least :slight_smile:

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