Happy Brithday, John!

I’d like to wish John Lennon (Member of the greatest band of all-time) a happy 70th birthday! He may not have been the greatest person, but we can hope he’s spending today with the Lord.

Any comments on Google’s tribute to him? I think it’s pretty interesting, though Imagine is a very anti-religious song.

Great song writer!!
Lousey husband and parent.
Amazingly talented!
Amazingly flawed.
What a human he was.
Happy 70th John. R.I.P. - I hope.

Amen McatholicN. And Happy Birthday John!

Happy birthday John!

I hope at the end of his life, this song was true:


RIP John.

The Beatles were pretty immoral, from what I hear. Maybe not the greatest band of all-time then. We must hope for everyone to be in Heaven.

Yes, that’s what I’ve heard about their personal lives as well. The immoral things were all a very well-kept secret that they tried to keep out of the popular media at the time.

But their music is, IMO, second to none. They are the best example of synergy that I can think of. None of them could achieve the amount of success alone that they had together. They had what, 7 years together as a band? And they completely changed the entire music scene.

I can’t agree with many of the things John did in his personal life, but I hope that he found his way to God.

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