Happy Christmas


Can you people share, what good works can we do before Christmas. I mean how to prepare ourselves for Christmas?


All sorts of good works, whatever you can think of!
Feeding the hungry, providing coats, toys for kids, etc would be some common examples.

Have a happy Christmas and a merry new year!


One really good work is to call the Church office and offer to help when the Church gets decorated for Christmas. With Advent being so short (4 Sundays but not 4 full weeks because Christmas falls the day after the 4th Sunday) the decorations for Advent must come down and Christmas put up pretty quickly. Also see if they need someone to help in the Church office (always busier as Christmas comes closer). If there are any social Christmas Church activities (meals or get togethers or presents for the needy or food deliveries to the needy) you could offer to help with those. Just call the Church office and ask. Go out of your way to make things easier for those who are having troubled times.


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