Happy Confirmation to the confirmed&Happy Pentecost/Birthday One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church!

and Congratulations to the confirmed today and in the past!

Come, Holy Spirit is on this. Great song!

I saw a very nice Lutheran confirmation today. I thought there were two things that were interesting about it. The four confirmands combined to deliver the sermon today, which they wrote basically it was about two issues. What does your faith mean to you. And what does the church mean to you. Second thing I thought was interesting. No where in the confirmation service is the word Lutheran used. Christian and catholic (SMALL C) is used but never the word Lutheran.

I didn’t know Lutherans had a confirmation service and that it was on a certain day–our celebration of it day, even.
Why are they saying “catholic” in a Lutheran service, though? I guess it could be a generic word, which is why the other main adjectives are used. No other church has all 4 under one roof. Besides, “catholic” means something specific and totally different than the religion of most others.
In any case, I can not boast of myself, but I can boast of the Church, as it is in essence, even when its clergy haven’t thought straight at times and the most the Apostles were pretty weak till the Pentecost and, even then, Paul, as a bishop, later corrected Peter, who remained no less where the buck stops (The 73-book Bible their successors put together cannot be contradicted, but that’s all). It was created by Jesus and the keys were given to him and passed down to only popes, even if a handful were foolishly selected. God works through idiots and the smart and/or wise, who can be idiots, when proud, whereas holy idiots can be wiser than scholars.

Also loved the way the pastor did the reading today for Pentecost. When it got to the part about the holy spirit allowing the disciples to speak various languages people in the congregation read a paragraph of the reading: one in french, one in spanish, one in arabic…and of course there is nothing like hearing german in a Lutheran church.

We use the same creeds as well. I believe our confirmation service is almost identical to yours. Never in a baptism service or a confirmation service is the word “Lutheran” used. It’s always “Christ’s church,” “holy catholic and apostolic church” Catholic (with a small “c” is simply used to mean universal to us. As a kid, services and creeds in our hymnal would have read “Christian and apostolic…” now it reads “catholic.”

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