"Happy Cows"

For awhile now the great state of California has been running an ad campaign here in NY (and I assume elsewhere) promoting their dairy industry with the slogan, “Great milk comes from happy cows. Happy cows come from California.”

Guess what? We have our own dairy industry, thank you very much. When I go to the store I can pick which local dairy’s milk I want to buy so if you’re from CA you might want to tell the Dept of Ag. that the ad campaign is kind of coals to Newcastle.

Now I’m going to have to check & see if the NY Dept of Ag & Markets is wasting money advertising in CA.

Obviously CA is trying to expand its market, perhaps to compete with NY moo.

I assume New York has a lot of things that are also available as imports from other states. Like cheese from Wisconsin. Or pork from Washington. :smiley:

Likewise, I’m sure there are products that NY could just as easily export, that are already available in other states, but may be of differing quality: your tap water comes to mind, especially compared with L.A.'s (on a blind taste test a number of years ago, with various premium bottled waters, NYC tap came out on top, L.A. tap on the bottom).

If NY milk is better than CA milk, then perhaps NY should advertise its milk in CA. Give the poor Californians a choice.

They did these commercials in MN too, which I thought was hilarious, with several large dairy productions centered in MN, and being so close to WI who has their own thriving dairy industry. I guess CA can’t find more productive things to do with its money, oh wait…:smiley:

I wonder too about those commercials.Maybe New Yorkers can get California cheeses?:shrug:

We saw those here in Wisconsin too. What a joke

I’ve never noticed them in stores, I’ll have to look.
If the campaign had said, “Great cheese comes from happy cows” I wouldn’t have given it a second thought – it’s just the idea of selling milk from across the continent is so ridiculous.

Our own government has a (rather low-key) campaign to encourage us to be loyal to NY products lest we be tempted away by VT cheddars or fancy California wines.

I know what you’re getting at, but I think they’re cute. They picked the new “Happy Cow” and there’s cute videos.

We get this ad in Missouri and it makes no sense to me, but I’m a simple man.

Everybody who’s down on the campaign should be thanking their lucky stars. Rejoice, for the US dairy market is -collective gasp- competitive!

Compare that to the European market, which is dominated by national brands (Nestle, Danone, Lactalis, Arla, Friesland, Campina, Yoplait, Kerrygold.) The Netherlands and the Scandinavian countries have only one supplier! (Generic paraphrased market info courtesy of years reading that wonderful mag, The Economist.)

So buy local if you prefer, but don’t be angry that California ‘exports’ dairy to your neck of the woods. :thumbsup:

I love it:D

Spoken like a Californian! I don’t wear a cheese-head so I can drink Californian milk!! :smiley:

I’m not sure they do – after starting this thread I’ve actually been looking for CA dairy products while shopping and I don’t see any. Of course, many products give no indication of state of origin; Dannon yogurt, Kraft cheese, &c.

In buying advertising it is often cheaper to buy a package that includes coverage areas where one’s products aren’t even available. This holds true for things other than milk.

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