Happy Epiphany!


Wise men still follow his star, seek him, bring him presents, bow down and adore him, risk their lives and professions for his sake and do other absolutely undignified things things because He was born to die so that we might live.

Happy Epiphany from Spain!


And a wonderfully happy and blessed Epiphany to you and everyone as well!

I know in at least some places the tradition is to give gifts not on December 25th but on Epiphany instead, so to all those for whom this is the case - enjoy :smiley:


Thank you,

Happy Epiphany, we are going to cut the the Rosca, just hope I don’t find a baby. My wife would love it since she likes get togethers.

God Bless


The Solemnity of the Epiphany is one of my favorite feast days :smiley:



Happy Epiphany everyone! :slight_smile:


What’s a Rosca? What is the custom behind it?

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