Happy Feast of St. Joseph the Worker


St. Josemaria Escriva speaks about St. Joseph…

***Have a great devotion to St Joseph. Think about that marvelous man, chosen by God to be his father on earth to all appearances. Think about his sufferings and his joys, then think about the love he had for his Spouse, how clean, how pure he was. ***

More at youtube.com/watch?v=qLOzVvN2shQ. It is only 55 seconds.

Give thanks today to God - especially us men - for the wonderful example he has given us in St. Joseph.



It’s a good day to be a “Joe” :slight_smile:


Praying to St. Joseph for all who are seeking employment.


Happy Name Day!

And your signature is perfect. People can go on and on and on about useless stuff, pages and pages, and Jesus isn’t mentioned once.



Thanks. I added that quote to my signature primarily as a reminder to myself. :o I think it has helped me so far. It’s reminding me to keep everything Christocentric.


Saint Joseph pray for us




Is there a different emphasis that is place on March 19 (the Solemnity of St. Joseph and May 1 (The Feast of St. Joseph the Worker)?


Yes. 19 March celebrates St. Joseph’s life, especially as it relates to Our Lord and Our Lady. Today’s feast emphasizes his vocation as a laborer and craftsman. This feast is a modern one, having been introduced in 1955 by Pius XII to combat the Communist Mayday festival. It replaced the former feast of the Patronage of St. Joseph, which was celebrated on the second Wednesday after Easter, and emphasized St. Joseph’s role as patron of the Church.


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