Happy Good Friday!

It doesn’t matter what Christian sect you come from, today we can all reflect with unified hearts on the day our Lord suffered for the world. Hope everyone has a great Good Friday!

Amen brother! And peace be with you also.

Happy Good Friday to you too. Tomorrow evening, God willing, I will finally be received into the Church. It’s been a long, strange journey, but I’m almost home!

Amen, what a day this is.

Thank you Jesus for suffering on our behalf.

Help us to come to a deeper understanding of the impact of our sins today.

Thank You for Your Love and Mercy.

Amen! Same to you!

Welcome Home!!! :extrahappy::extrahappy::clapping:

Thanks, my friend! It feels amazing. Baptism, Confirmation and First Communion all in one night! I am most definitely not worthy.

Congratulations! I can’t imagine how anxious you are. I stepped away from the Church for a period of time out of selfishness and ignorance. God called my wife and I back. We got our marriage convalidated. It was a period of great anticipation. I remember thirsting for the Eucharist, Just as Jesus thirst on the cross for the salvation of souls. God Bless on your special day!!

Happy Good Friday for everyone including Muslims. :slight_smile:

May JESUS second coming be before next year Good Friday.:gopray2:

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