Happy Halloween!

Since US politics is making its way into every thread lately… I got a 5 dollar off coupon at the drugstore for getting a free flu shot, so I did some Halloween shopping. Election may be close, but the President wins the mask competition hands down as there was only one of him left but a rack full of unsold Bidens. Guess Joe just isn’t scary enough.


I was so disappointed that Wal-Mart didn’t have a Nancy Pelosi mask. Scariest thing I can think of.


You know, in the past, it’s been that the masks of the candidate that ends up winning sells out. Just sayin’. :wink:

FYI, for many years, the Boy Scouts have been conducting an informal poll among the boys, and they always were a great predictor of who was going to win. I suppose because they were young, most boys chose whoever their parents were going to vote for, and that’s why it was so accurate.

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Well, I honestly don’t know who will win this one, so we shall see.

It does seem like Trump is the most popular Presidential rubber mask since Nixon though.

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That’s my thinking too… some might have bought his mask just to dishonor him. Who knows…

Here’s me from last year. I was an Antif-artist.

It cost me zero dollars.


That’s not a costume; it’s an idea.


Me too Nancy is very scary, especially as 3rd in line for being POTUS! :dizzy_face:

That mask is yuuuuuge


Looking good there, Mr.President!

An odd Halloween; as I did not take children’s candy.

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