Happy I'm Catholic


In the last month or so, I’ve been even more happy to be Catholic. While I’m not ashamed of that name, I think my new year’s resolution is to dare to say that I am a Christian.

I’ve been proofreading some of the articles from the 1907 Catholic Encyclopedia and I find so much there to be happy about.

Example: I was reading the long article about England, and inevitably the subject of the reformation comes up.

In particular, I read about John Wyclif, one of the early reformers. He seems to have professed the idea that everyone should be able to read and interpret the bible for themselves. Yup – everyone except Catholics, it seems. What hypocrisy.

What a silly idea that every interpretation of scripture is equally valid. Truthfully, he didn’t believe it at all, but that is the slogan attributed to him.

While non-catholics so easily criticize the CC for the Inquisition, you almost never hear about the persecution of Catholics in Europe as an outcome of the ‘reformation.’ Read about all the Catholics who were put to death for their faith, and likewise the priests who were executed for saying the Mass.

Example: While the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist was not an issue until much later, notice that doctrine is not present in the Nicene Creed - a good testimony to the fact that doctrine was not seriously questioned as such at the time of that Council at Nicea. Creeds were created to list essential tenets of the faith, in response to those who believed otherwise. It’s too bad that the subsequent councils of the Church did not add that doctrine (in particular) to the Creed which is so obviously needed today.


That was good to hear.

I recently found a reprint of the Cologne Catholic Bible published in the mid 1400’s. It was a vernacular Bible in the German language, over 100 years before the Reformation.

The problem was that the people couldn’t read the vernacular any better than they could read the Latin language. But the Church was definitely interested in helping people know the Bible.

Blessings on your life in the Holy Chuch.


It is so great to be a Catholic. I could not ever imagine being anything else. Thank you God for the Gift of faith and for being born into a VERY Catholic family.
Deacon Ed B


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