Happy Independance Day

And let us never forget what we were declaring our Independance from, and what those poor soldiers had to go through to get it:


How many of us nowadays would be willing to do this? For anybody who’s ever been in the military and who has ever had to camp in the open weather, it’s difficult to read stuff like this without getting tears in your eyes. Valley Forge has been described as “barbarically primitive”, and when you consider that those poor guys were out there with rags wrapped around their bleeding feet because they didn’t have any boots, standing in the snow in sub-zero temperatures, pulling guard duty in the wind in summer clothing, and eating God knows what, it really brings it home.


Happy Independance Day for all in the USA…and prayers for all military including the wounded and deceased recently and in the past…Barb:)

Thank you. And thanks for calling today by its rightful name, Independence Day! Not the 4th of July. To me, its like calling Christmas, happy 25th of December. To all our Service men and women, Thank you and Happy Independence Day!

God willing, we’ll be able to celebrate a lot more of them. God bless America!

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