Happy July Wedding Anniversaries!


**From another thread I discovered that Lotusblossom’s and Peach0218’s wedding anniversaries are this month… it is mine/hubby’s tomorrow. July is a huge month for weddings so there must be more here and I want to wish you all happiness and blessings on your marriages! **


Congrats to you all :clapping: and to us… 20 years back on the 2nd!

God bless us everyone!
(looks like He already has!) :smiley:



I meant to congratulate you, Malia, earlier :slight_smile: but thank you for starting this thread! :smiley:


Wishing you Good Health, Happiness and Peace


Happy Anniversary! May God continue to bless your marriage and family.


**Congrats! Happy Anniversary:bounce: **

Today is the anniversary of our marriage convalidation.:slight_smile:


Congrats everyone! :slight_smile:


Got married on July 11 because it seemed like 7/11 would be an easy date for the memory impaired.

It worked.:smiley:


We just celebrated our tenth on 18 July!


:heart: 17 for us!:heart: :dancing:

Congratulations to all!:tiphat: :clapping:


We had number 3 on July 9th.:stuck_out_tongue: :love: :heart:


Happy and FUN anniversaries to ALL!! Keep up the hard work!!:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Happy Anniversary everyone!!! Lol, I notice it too on that thread.

We celebrate 4 yrs of marriage too!


**It was number 9 for us, I forgot to mention…

hubby brought home some beautiful gladiolas (a first for me) and they are just beginning to open now and are so pretty. The way they are slowly blossoming is reminding sappy ole me about how our love grows and blossoms slowly and becomes more beautiful with each passing year…:o**


Happy July Anniversaries to all. My wife and I celebrated 20 years on the 16th.
My wife and I have been on a faith journey over the past year. I became a member of the Catholic community this year at Easter my wife returned to the Church and was confirmed as well. We had our marriage blessed in May. It has been a very special year for us. Our marriage continues to get stronger.


Wow! Congratulations on such a special year! :slight_smile:


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