Happy Maundy Thursday!

I just wanted to wish everybody a happy Maundy Thursday! We’re getting closer and closer to Easter! This Lent has not been an easy one, nor was it supposed to be ( I gave up something I’d come to have taken for granted and WOW, do I feel its absence). I thank God that He gave me the strength and motivation I need to be faithful to that promise to abstain from Facebook. This is day 38. God bless you all today. We’re getting into the home stretch! :slight_smile:

Blessed day to you, too. Receiving the Eucharist tonight and reflecting on all the saints that have received before us, and now commune directly with our Lord face-to-face is just an immensely powerful experience. I lay my sins at His feet and He offers restoration.

You know what would make this day even better? You’re conversion to Catholicism! Now that would be a great addition to this day! :signofcross:

And a blessed Holy Tursday, Good Friday, and Easter to you also.

I’ll be working tonight, so I’ll not be able to attend the Divine Service, but I will keep you all in my prayers as you receive the Body and Blood of Jesus during the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much, CB Catholic! :slight_smile:

May God grant we *all *find Him in the churches where He leads us. :slight_smile:

Pax vobiscum, you guys.

May God grant we find him in the church he established! Hope you have a wonderful day! :thumbsup:

Have just returned from Mass, the church was absolutely full and we’re only one of 6 Catholic churches in our seaside town. Great to see so many people there.

One thing I’m looking forward to for Good Friday service is being able to easily find a seat! :wink:

Can’t make it tonight, but doing tenebrae tomorrow night for Good Friday, and the rite if individual confession on Saturday, and early morning Easter service. Gonna be busy. But good. It will be my 2nd Easter as a Lutheran and so far it’s shaping up even better than the first!

A blessed Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter to all.

That’s awesome! It’s going to be my third. :slight_smile: I’ll be going to service tomorrow night as well. I’m looking forward to Easter Sunday, is all I can say. :smiley:

Et tu [spiritu] tuo, Newcastle.

[My sainted mother was/is a Newcastle girl.] I went to school for a term at the English Martyrs, way back in the 1950s. *

ps. The Queen issued the traditional Maundy money here at Sheffield Cathedral this year.*

I don’t know how one can wish another a " happy Good Friday," considering that this was the day when Our Lord hung on the Cross, was vilified, died and was put into a tomb. I do know that it makes me think of how incredible a love our God has for us and how wondrous love the Son of God has for us that He would endure what he did. I’ll be going to the Good Friday Service tonight to begin a period of waiting… that waiting that the Apostles had to endure between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Jesus died, was buried and His tomb was even sealed and had a guard placed over it ( if He* were *to be resurrected, the Jewish leaders didn’t want Him getting out of that tomb!), just to be sure that Jesus stayed dead. The Good News is that He conquered Hell! He crashed Satan’s little block party! I wish everybody a blessed Good Friday, as we begin that period of waiting for the glorious Light of Easter Morning!

Holy Saturday… when we stand at the Tomb of Jesus and understand that it’s our death and our sin that lies buried. The Tenebrae service last night was quite poignant in as all the lights were extinguished except for one, as the focus was on the cross, we see that Jesus, Who we condemned to die, died for us. He conquered Hell and what Satan might have thought was his moment of victory was actually his moment of utter, abject defeat. The Devil’s designs failed. Jesus won our victory for us.Now, there begins a period of waiting… God’s Son lies dead… tomorrow will be an eruption of Light and Glory as He is resurrected and appears first to the women who followed Him and later on to His disciples.

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