Happy Meal Toy Ban Faces Vote in California County

A Silicon Valley lawmaker’s proposal to ban the decades-old practice of adding toys to fast food meals for kids would make McDonald’s Happy Meals - and its counterparts at competing eateries - a thing of the past…


“What we need to understand is that these fast-food restaurants are spending hundreds of millions of dollars - they know exactly what they’re doing by using these toys, cartoon toys, toys that are associated with movies - to try to entice the children to come in and have the meal,” Yeager told CBS News Station KPIX-TV in San Francisco when he proposed the measure March 23.

Rather missing the point.
It isn’t the toys or cartoons that is getting kids hooked on junk food – it’s the junk food. What we need is a law that all kid’s meals taste so bad that children will reflexively spit it out.

Seems to me parents are the real targets of this. If a kid knows he/she will get a toy at McD, the kid will likely badger the parent to get food there. The purpose of the toy from McD’s standpoint (okay, guess I’m a bit cynical) is to get the kid to pressure the weak-kneed parent to patronize McD. If they ban the toys, the advertising people at McD will just come up with something else. Merchandizing people really are smart. They often have degrees in psychology and such. They know what buttons to push.

The only real cure for it is for the parent to be firm with the kid. If you don’t think McD food is good for the kid, resist the pressure, explain to the kid why (and in full) you aren’t going to go there, and then don’t. So, maybe the kid has a fit. It can’t be sustained forever, and it will weaken with time. Eventually, the kid will, himself/herself become persuaded that the food is bad for a person and that it’s really rotten of them to bribe kids to eat it with toys.

I know whereof I speak with this. Raised five kids that way. My children are the same way with their children. Sure, they might get McD or whatever as a treat sometime or other. But they don’t give in to kid pressure because they realize, as I do, that it’s an attempt on the part of merchandizers to use kids against their parents.

And by the way, it isn’t just McD and toys. Childrens’ TV entertainment is practically one long commercial. Even the program content is a commercial for all the stuff they sell in connection with the program. Childrens’ exposure to it should be strictly limited, and the parent ought to comment on it as well.

To some this up; you parents are too stupid to raise your kids we the people working in government are smarter than you—so we now will put regulations on businesses because you parents cannot raise your children without our help!

OH BTW; we are also going to raise your taxes because we are following the example from the Clinton administration we do this, **“FOR THE CHILDEN.” **

This is nuts. There are so many healthy options for kids meals, I don’t see this ban hanging around very long. My daughter was still young enough to want kids meals when the healthy options came along. She would get chicken nuggets, apple slices and milk. She still likes to get apple slices at McD’s along with grilled chicken snack wraps. :smiley:

I am with GalNextDoor. What is he point of this? Attack on evil companies? Seriously, what is the point?

Stop government intrusion.


  • A California county on Tuesday became the first in the nation to ban toys from fast food kids’ meals high in calories, fat, salt and sugar.

Santa Clara County supervisors voted 3-2 to ban the plastic goodies as promotions in meals with more than 485 calories…

Restaurants will have a 90-day grace period beginning May 11 before the ordinance goes into effect.


The fact that you can buy the toys without the meals just illustrates how these folks are ignorant busy-bodies.

  • Marty Lund

This is so ludicrous.

The point is the same thing that all liberals and progressives are all about: control, power, power, control. They literally want regulation on everything, right down to the air that you breathe, and they want to be in charge of the regulating.

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