Happy New Year, everybody!

Is this just a New Year’s baby? Could some see him as symbolizing the infantile translations we are going to continue using for one more year?

Up to you. Happy Advent to all, and to all a merry Liturgical New Year!

I wonder how many people “in the pews” realize this is going to be the last “First Sunday in Advent” they will ever hear the “old” Novus Ordo translations. It seems like all the parishes are still belting out “Christ has Died…” like it will be around forever. One would think it would be prudent to start phasing it out, since it is of questionable theology anyways.

Please explain why, “Christ has died…” is questionable theology.

I’m going to repeat my usual moan. For us in England & Wales it might not be the last First Sunday in Advent which we celebrate Mass according to Paul VI’s 1st Edition of the OF Roman Mass. With the well-known foot dragging at Eccleston Square it might not even be our penultimate one.

Simple, because after Christ becomes present on the altar, we are to speak to Him in the second person. Note that the other acclamations do that. Using the third person appears to imply that Christ is not there.

“Christ has died…” is not really a mystery of faith, and was never in any Latin version of the Missal. I’ve heard several theories how it managed to sneak into the English translation of the 1970 Roman Missal. But thankfully, the situation is being remedied in the English translation of the third edition of the Roman Missal. Despite pleas from bishops of English speaking countries to grandfather it in, the CDW at the Vatican has consistently refused to allow it. If it was solid theology, the CDW would allow it.

Actually, most – if not all, but maybe I’m missing one somewhere – of the prayers that follow the Consecration are directed to the Father and speak of Christ only in the third person.

My own thoughts on the matter are in the fourth post of this thread.

Our local OF parish is using a “Lamb of God” and a “mystery of Faith” whose music sounds like it was written by Hoagy Carmichel. He was the composer of tunes such as “Stardust” back in the 30’s and 40’s.

I hope that the choir switches to the new approved chant pieces next Advent.

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