Happy New Year


Well the ball just dropped here in the Eastern Time Zone. Happy New Year to all, and may your 2010 where we all remember to see all the blessings God gives us every day!

Mother Mary, please guide us in this new year.



May God grant us peace

Didn’t Dick Clark do wel,l despite his slight speech problem ,due to the stroke?


:D Back in an hour.


Happy New Year to all of us in the Eastern Time zone!





Happy New Year from Fort Worth to everybody at CAF! God bless us all in 2010.


Happy New Year from the Eastern time zone! We just had our traditional Diet Sunkist in champagne glasses, and stood out in the southern blizzard conditions (um, 39 degrees with sprinkly rain) to watch some very beautiful fireworks. Hope all of you had as much fun!


Happy New Year!!!!! God Bless All in 2010!:dancing::extrahappy::love::whacky:


I'm having the hard stuff - Chai tea, honey, lemon and Crown Royal. :rotfl:


Okay, now.



Happy New Year Everyone!
Let God grant us peace and happiness and strength to accept whatever he gives us!

I went to a 11:00-12:00am Mass with my Dad and a few of my brothers and sisters. My soul is free for the new year!
Well time to shut off the computer :manvspc:
Going to bed now! sleepy......... :sleep:

2010 :cool:


Happy New Year to all in the Pacific time zone!
Prospero Ano Nuevo!

My poor puppy is lying under my chair shaking from the bombs bursting in air!

May God bless and keep us, and make His face shine on us, and give us His peace.


Happy New Year
Happy New Decade 2010-2020

wow, wonder who's still going to be on CAF in 2020 ?


Happy New Year everybody! :):D


*Happy new year, all! Prayed for you all today at mass.

tosses confetti everywhere*


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