Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! As someone who has some Irish ancestry but who is ALSO Byzantine, I love that Saint Patrick is a universal saint :slight_smile:


Éirinn go Brách


and on a side note, today is also when we celebrate St. Gregory Palamas…cue the haters…lol!


Thanks for the reminder ,i would like also to remember St. Darerca of Ireland , Her Feast Day is celebrated on March 22nd. In the annals of the Irish Church, she is remembered as the sister of St. Patrick and the mother of many saints. While much has been written about her children, and of course about her illustrious brother,



Today is also the feast day of St. Gertrude of Nivelles, the patron saint of cats .:cat:


Today, besides St. Patrick, the Roman Martyrology , also lists St. Joseph of Arimathea who took down Our Lords’ body from the cross and laid it in the tomb; the Roman martyrs, Ss. Alexander and Theodore; St. Paul the Martyr burned alive for defending holy images; St. Agricola of Chalons; St. Gertrude of Nivelle; many martyrs killed in Alexandria by the worshippers of Serapis for refusing to worship that idol.


St. Joseph of Arimathea is currently generally venerated with St. Nicodemus on August 31 in the Roman Catholic Church.


Also, on the Byzantine calendar, we have Alexis, Man of God.


I was going off what the Roman Martyrology said. I can find neither of those saints on 31st August in the universal calendar, nor in the the national calendars of England & Wales or the USA, nor in the pre-1962 calendar.

Happy St. Patrick Day and St. Alexis Day! Also St. Alexis is said to have loved all God’s creatures, including bugs. He is also very popular in my country, saying he is the one who brings Spring each year.


Saints related to Patron of Rats, Martin de Porres Based on his burning love for animals, Martin de Porres started a dog and cat hospital at his sister’s residence. He is depicted caring for animals, even rats. Revered throughout his life and in death, he was credited with miraculous healing and raising the dead. His feast day is November 3rd.


Is that the St. Alexis who lived under the stairs?

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St. Philip Neri also loved cats, and St. Francis di Paola loved all animals and was a strict vegetarian.

The updated 2001 “Martyrologium Romanum” has both of them on August 31 to my knowledge. I can’t find a PDF of it online to post, but that’s why Franciscan Media has them on that day.

I was not able to go to Liturgy at my Byzantine Catholic parish so we went to the Greek Orthodox Church (we usually go to the OCA but the Greek Church is closer). Father had a great homily which included Saint Patrick Equal to the Apostles, as he is called in the Orthodox Church.


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I’m over half Irish, and found my way to byzantine Catholicism . . .

Our bishop is actually in town studying our pre-school (he’ll be building one on its model).

He came to our liturgy last night, but not today, visiting instead the other parish–he’s half Irish, Fr. Milan’s wife is cooking corned beef and cabbage, and it’s the only time he eats meat during lent :crazy_face::scream::rofl:

[Yes, I just referred to a married priest. And his son attends our parish’s preschool . . .]

We’re not doing the corned beef and cabbage this time. It beats boiled potatoes, but it’s too penitential. Very high priced but extremely fatty meat, and, well, cooked cabbage :face_vomiting::roll_eyes:

But I did pick up Guinness . . .

Oscar Wilde noted that he was a vegetarian not because he loved animals, but that he hated plants . . .


But was it so that his cousin could have two rooms?



I have the 1914 edition. I know the 2001 edition was the first one post-Vatican II and that more saints and beati were added and typographical errors corrected in the 2004 edition.

I, too, cannot find the current version, but I did not consider saints being moved. I just assumed that the newer edition contained those who had been canonised or beatified since 1914. Saints are usually celebrated on their dies natalis so I did not consider the possibility the newer martyrology would move them.

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