Happy Shrove (Fat) Tuesday!


Sooooo!! How do you recognize Shrove Tuesday in your part of the world?

Here in the Detroit area, we have a very large population of Polish people, and so the tradition here has been to have Paczki en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paczki on this day.

My DH is from England, and tonight we will have a friend over for dinner, we will have thin pancakes with different fillings, and some fried ham on the side.

So what’s your tradition? From a food perspective, but from a spiritual perspective would be interesting to hear as well.



Eat a paczki for me!!! I miss them. My dh bought some for me yesterday and MN pazcki are just not the same! LOL

We’ll have breakfast for dinner tonight and maybe a few scripture readings. I may have a few activities for the children, but haven’t decided quite what yet.



It’s Mardi Gras for us - all across south Louisiana. There are parades galore. Over in southwest Louisiana, the Cajuns have masked and costumed riders going from house to house collecting chickens for the big gumbos and jambalayas that will be cooking this afternoon.

In New Orleans, families will have hams, red beans and rice, and seafood gumbos and jambalayas after the parades are over.


Oh, I did forget to say that I will have fried ham with our pancakes tonight. YUM!! :smiley:



Dh buys Krispie Kreme donuts every fat Tuesday!

Hardly a cultural tradition, but the kids like it! —KCT


We had some great Pacskis this morning. Dinner tonight is up in the air. Mrs. Clskier is 3 1/2 months pregnant :smiley: so I usually don’t know what to make for dinner until we are home from work and she tells me what sounds edible that day.


We had crepes with sliced peaches and nutela for breakfast.

We are going to our parish pancake (pancake and sausage) dinner tonight.


Didn’t see this thread until I started one in the Back Fence, but
Cajun, Cajun, Cajun!!!
I SO miss our old cajun restaurant. Nothin out here. So I’m attempting to make red beans and rice, thanks to brotherhrolf’s recipe he posted over there. Too lazy to make King’s cake too though…


ooh, that’s nice. The thing with my family is that crepes (which we call palachinke in Croatian) are pretty much a weekly event. Usually jelly (jam) or honey with chopped up walnuts or almonds - delish! But I’ve had nutella a fair few times too.

So I didn’t make any for Shrove Tuesday (due to timezones n stuff it’s already Ash Wednesday here). I did have French toast though - maybe I’ll start a new tradition :wink:


I’ll be making pancakes tonight and maybe some some meat, Lizzane just gave me the idea for ham! :slight_smile:

Happy Fat Tuesday everyone, hope you have all have nice eveing. :smiley:


We do pancakes and Italian sausage for dinner!


In lieu of pancakes, I ate about 2/3 of an iced brownie I bought from Giant. Holy Cow, it was good. It was so dense I couldn’t even finish it.


Here in PA we have a German custom of kinkling or sometimes called fausnaught day which is a donut that is long and braided looking and it is good!


nahnahnnaannaa!!! lol! I LOVE living in south (I mean REALLY SOUTH) louisiana!! I make red beans about once a week!! If you need a recipe (SO SIMPLE) let me know. Its kinda traditional to eat red beans on Mondays 'cause back in the old days, Monday was wash day and redbeans were cooked 'cause you dont really have to stand over them. Matter of fact, I cooked them Monday and made a homemade king cake!:smiley: Sometimes when the mood hits I can be a real cajun (over here we use the term coona**) Martha Stewart! Heehee!
Back on topic—
We did not go to any parades this year…we are in the middle of moving!:eek:


Our copy of this venerable classic is so food stained, it’s not funny. A classic:


Book Two is good as well:


But books three and four got written and edited by the dreaded food police and aren’t worth it.

And lastly, this one which we got for Christmas. Some really great recipes in it.



We always have pancakes and sausage. I grew up with the tradition on fat Tuesday. So did my H. I don’t know WHY it is pancakes and sausage but it’s our tradition so we do it.:o
Guess I should investigate the why’s and wherefore’s, huh?



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