Happy Sober Birthday to ME

I am sharing with all of you that today is my FIFTEENTH sobriety birthday…I am 15 years sober TODAY, one day at a time, with the help of my 12 step program, excellent sponsorship and a Higher Power (The Triune God) who loves me so much He NEVER stops thinking about me!

And how can I have low self-esteem when I know THAT???


That is an accomplishment. Congrats are in order my friend. :slight_smile:

You are an inspiration to many who are trying to find the grace of God in the fight for sobriety.

Good work!

Way to go!!! :thumbsup:

My dad is a recovering alcholic! It’s a day to day fight for him even today. And he’s been sober for 30+ years!

God Bless You! and congratulations!!!

wow, God bless you!
15 years - that is awesome.


I’m not sure how long I’ve been sober for, been at least a few months I think… don’t really know where the line between being drunk and sober is. I guess I am fortunate not to know?

As for low self-esteem… read your CCC, you shall discover that God made the animals and the angels - one of body, one of spirit - then made his magnum opus, one made of both body and spirit, which is man. You and me are His greatest creations, not the dinosaurs or the angels (even though both are pretty cool, especially the non fallen angels).

Congratulations Leslie:thumbsup:!!! You’ve made a commitment to being sober and have stuck to it, YOU ARE A HERO:extrahappy: :dancing: :clapping:!!!

Way to GO!!!

thank you thank you thank you -

I am so darn grateful…

  1. the fine line between drunk and sober? for an alcoholic it is our mouths…

  2. not even ONE DRINK of alcohol - nope, not ONE - has passed my lips since May 3, 1992…that means my first sober day was May 4, 1992 and man oh man did God have a lot in store for me.

You know what one of the greatest gifts I have received? Coming ‘Home to Rome’. Today I am a Marian Catechist, begining to explore a committment to a Third Order Religious group ( haven’t decided yet…still discerning), a budding apologist and someday I hope to be able to spell without using spell checker all the time…

but as we say in the program…live and let live, one day at a time, through the grace of God and does anyone have a dictionary?

I’m so happy today I am giddy…:love:

Giddy with faith is so much better than giddy with drink. :thumbsup:

I think cake, and the trimmings are in order here!:slight_smile:

Happy Sober Birthday!

Ohhhhh yeah. I’m in. :thumbsup: Great idea.

Congratulations…great job! God Bless:thumbsup:

Please give him a big hug from me, a newcomer, and tell him how grateful I am that people like your Dad have stayed around to show us it can be done, one day at a time…

God bless your heart!!

One day is a great accomplishment! I can just imagine 15!!!


Congratulations, Leslie. Thanks be to God working through AA.

Good for you! :thumbsup:

I pray everyday that my brother will find the strength to admit he has a problem. He has lost so much.

Congratulations!!! Happy Day!!

Leslie, congratulations and felicitations! I was just thinking of you today- my Jesus box is full!:wink: Have a wonderful, sober day. You’ve earned it!

congratulations! That is just sooooooo awesome!!!:thumbsup:

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