Happy St. Patrick's Day


Are you wearing your GREEN???..
:shamrock: :irish1: :irish2: :irish3: :shamrock2: :kissme:

If not, consider this your VIRTUAL PINCH! :aok: :smiley:

How are you and your families celebrating?

We’re all decked out in green and wearing our leprechaun shirts… and my parents are having a HUGE feast - Corned Beef, Cabbage, Potatoes, Soda bread… mmmm… I CANNOT WAIT!!!

Also, the leprechauns caused a lot of mischief around our house this morning…
They apparently had used the toilet (green food coloring…)
And turned the MILK green! (more food coloring…)
And left shamrock cookies baking in the oven (yes, my kids had a cookie after breakfast!)…
And had dropped some pieces of GOLD as they ran off with their rainbow treasure… (scattered pennies…)

So, how do YOU celebrate?


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!! Wow, Em, you really do go all out! That’s awesome!

St. Patrick is my confirmation/patron saint! :shamrock2:

Also, hooray for having Irish ancestry! :kissme:I’m a McGinnis (distant relative to the Guinness’) so I shall at the very least celebrate by having a pint this evening!

Sláinte! :irish3:


Well,I live in an Arch diocese that has St.Patrick as THE PATRON SAINT!! So it was a Feast day.Since my name Karoleck might give you a clue–I am one of those who WISHED they were Irish!!.Though I have a conspiracy therory that “Paddy” was really a Polish Bishop who the Irish adopted!!! :smiley:

Believe it or not Holy Mass on Honour of St.Patrick was the high light of my celebration!! Though I worked during the day(God help us!) Cold roasted chicken,beetroot and bread,followed by an ORANGE in sweet syrup,followed by blue berry yogurt.I even offered Paddy dark chocolate with stawberry flavour --he refused so I ate them!! My Chiropractor told me this morning as he was breaking my bones;that his girl friend was Irish–he lived there for seven years(white as wool is his skin–never saw the sun-true!)

Well may St.Patrick smile on all the Irish and re convert them back to a strong faith-as of old! Our Lady of Knock,pray for us.

P.S.My other therory is what my German Mother told me that St.Patrick was a —German!but that is another blarny story!


I’m wearin’ me green, thank you.

My Teutonic wife is preparing corned beef and cabbage. She doesn’t share the feeling, but she accepts the foolishness. :slight_smile: My children are grown, and notwithstanding that my grandchildren have only a smidgen of Irish in them (sure are a lot of Germans among them) they look forward to this day and are Irish on this occasion.

My Jameson’s is ready, and in my business, we’re prepared to start on it as soon as the afternoon business starts to slacken a bit. I’m not sure if I’ll be called upon to sing “Rising of the Moon” again this year, but the likelihood is that some Baptist or other in here (the majority) will want to hear the Hail Mary in Gaelic again. They seem to like it when it’s in Gaelic, and they know they can drink whiskey safely when the boss is Catholic. That probably makes it easier for them to accept a “Catholic prayer”.

My wife will, I am sure, insist on wearing blue on St. Joseph’s Day. My half Arab, nearly half German and a bit Irish granddaughter who, for some reason is into making German bread, (“Deutsche brot und Deutsche madchen” la, la, la, la, la) will make for my wife those braided loaves Germans make for the occasion. Then it will be beer, bread and potato soup so rich it will clog one’s arteries with its smell alone. Perhaps some “Himmel und Erd” (a sort of potato salad with apples in it as well) with lots of “winegar” added. Everybody’s German then. :smiley:


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

St. Patrick, pray for us!


I wonder what St. Patrick would say about all the the fuss. He was such a matter of fact down to earth person I'm not sure he'd know what to make of it. :rolleyes:


[quote="Sierrah, post:6, topic:190994"]
I wonder what St. Patrick would say about all the the fuss. He was such a matter of fact down to earth person I'm not sure he'd know what to make of it. :rolleyes:


And he also lived a very austere life, doing hard penances and praying continually. He spent 40 days on the mountain that bears his name [Croagh Patrick-sp?], driving a hard bargain with God on behalf of the Irish.

As for me, I'm spending it quietly, since I'm not the 'partying' type [go figure! :o ] and I live alone. I started the day by praying my daily Rosary, offering each decade in honor of : Our Lady of Knock, St. Patrick, St. Brigid of Kildare, St. Kevin of Glendalough, and St. Oliver Plunkett.

I'm wearing under my gray hoodie on this nice early spring day a green Carmelite t-shirt-from my former days in the OCDS-as well as a small green metal shamrock pin that my late father made for me when I was a kid. His birthday was....wait for it...ST. PATRICK'S DAY!!!!! He was ONE HUNDRED PERCENT IRISH-AMERICAN! And his middle name was...wait for it again...PATRICK! He was very proud of his Irish heritage, and on his birthday we'd have corned beef and cabbage *, and for dessert was his birthday cake with a little leprechaun on top of it. We called it 'the Japanese Leprechaun' because it was made in-where else-Japan!

For my own low-key 'celebration' maybe I'll stop by a bakery and get a cookie with green frosting....it will be my way of remembering my father on the 93rd anniversary of his birth.*


Because “down to earth” people aren’t allowed to find an excuse to make a silly fuss once in a while? :shrug: :rolleyes:

Neither you, nor I, know what he’d make of it… so it doesn’t do any good speculating.

Bah… go wear Orange somewhere else… we’re just having fun. :smiley:


“A feast not only commemorates an event or person, but also serves to excite the spiritual life by reminding us of the event it commemorates.” - New Advent’s Catholic Encyclopedia.

If people have time, I strongly recommend they check out the New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia’s entry on St. Patrick today. :wink:


Thanks for posting that fabulous link… I really enjoyed reading it! :slight_smile:


I was adopted by an ( ethnically)Irish family and I have a very Irish last name. When I found out that I was 100% British by birth, my parents and extended family where devastated! :eek:

What is a boy to do!? :shrug:

Happy Green day to everyone!


St. Patrick was italian and french...he just loved the Irish:p


Em~ I love your Leprechauns! :irish2:

I am wearing a green sweater and green shoes with shamrocks on them...:shamrock2:
Wish I was home smelling the Irish dinner being cooked right now!


Its not such a big deal over the pond here, but we follow the liturgical year at home, so I have posted what we did on my blog.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I don’t get the “virtual pinch” part, though:confused:


You have a bit in common with the great Saint, himself. :smiley: He was born in the UK (of ethnically Roman parents), and was lovingly adopted by the people of Ireland. You, my friend, are just as Irish as St. Patrick!!


I just told this to my mom and dad-they loved it too!

God save the queen! Brits rule! :D:D


[quote="Rascalking, post:17, topic:190994"]
I just told this to my mom and dad-they loved it too!

God save the queen! Brits rule! :D:D


Here, here!** :curtsey:


Silly Brits… I say


That’s right-his father’s name was Calphurnius, a Roman official who may have become a deacon later, and his mother’s name was Conchessa who may have been a slave in his household.

So when the young Patrick was carried away by slave traders to Ireland, he found out by painful experience what it was like to be a slave.

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