Happy Thanksgiving! and Song story on www.TopCatholicSongs.com

Happy Thanksgiving!

Open another browser window and jump on over to www.TopCatholicSongs.com to read about (and link to iTunes to purchase!) some great songs! Nick Alexander has been working on creating a site where people can go to find out more about current Catholic artists and the songs that they are recording.

Yes, there really is some GREAT music out there from Catholic artists. Yes, they really would like to have their songs, their talents shared with more Catholics and other Christians and others that may be lead to Christ through their gifts. Yes, it costs money to create these recordings and we should all help to support them - not out of charity, but as a way of saying thanks to God for inspiring them to create the music and thanks to them for being faithful to God instead of either ignoring the promptings of the Holy Spirit or by using their talents in other ways.

In the spirit of full disclosure, yes, I am an aspiring songwriter who will be shelling out a few bucks to re-record some of my songs with a real producer, David Smith, in a real studio, www.IconMusicStudio.com. Until then, you can hear songs from my first album (and yes, even purchase them) on iTunes.

To read more about my song, “By Your Hand”, on the TopCatholicSongs site **click here. **

To learn more about me, check out myspace.com/gfaucheux.

May God continue to bless you as we give Him thanks on this special day!


Oh, don’t forget to give the artists some feedback, even if you don’t decide to purchase anything yet.

And yes, music makes AWESOME Christmas gifts! And what could be more appropriate than Christian music for Christmas?


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