Happy Thanksgiving To My Fellow Americans


I just wanted to wish all of you Americans on here a Happy Thanksgiving!!:smiley:
Im thankful that I have my health, my family and freedom to WORSHIP God:thumbsup: Oh I almost forgot and I am thankful for all of you on this forum. You have challenged me and helped strengthen my walk with God. This includes all on here that are not American as well.:smiley: AMEN

What are you Thankful for?

P.S. I ask if you can pray for my neighbors as they just lost their adult son due to health issues. The mother is also having health issues and is in ICU. As you can imagine this is devastaing to the family and can use all the extra prayers they can get.:frowning:

Thank you:)

God Bless and have a GREAT THANSKGIVING!!

Have a happy thanksgiving! If you post the name of the sick neighbor, I’ll mention her name during shul services (there’s a point where we pray for the sick and call out the names of those who are in need of healing).

Happy Thanksgiving to you ALLFORHIM and to everyone else. I’ll say a prayer for your neighbors and anyone else dealing with sickness and death.

Thank you her name is Alice.

Happy Turkey day! :wave:

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, especially to those who are in the Armed Services like myself.


God bless you Mannyfit75 and anyone else here that are the Armed Services - especially to those away from home that might be posting

May we be in our hearts truly thankful for what we have. May those who are in need find compassion and love and may God Bless all of us this Thanksgiving day.

                            Happy Thanksgiving
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