Happy Thanksgiving


To all of my fellow Americans… I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving Day.

I was thinking about all of the blessings… which Our Good Lord Jesus has bestowed on my mother and I, this year. We have so much… that a big part of the world, doesn’t have. :nope:

And so, with a grateful heart… I thank You, Lord Jesus. For the roof over our heads; the food on our table; for family and friends; for our new Pastor, Father John… and for our other two new priests. All of them, are truly like fathers to us. This has been a great blessing.

If anyone would like to share some blessings… please feel free. God bless you and all of your families and friends.:thumbsup: :bible1:


Happy Thanksgiving to all in the USA…it would be wonderful if this tradition were to catch on everywhere - in all countries - to set aside a special day to be thankful.

I thank you Lord for all your many blessings in so many ways, please help me to always be grateful for Your blessings and to be counting them, rather than emphasizing and bemoaning any suffering - although these are blessings too… just in unrecognizable garments at times.



I am a recovered alcoholic, 24 years sober in AA. Our local Alano Club (a club for alcoholics and addicts with many AA meetings) holds a Thanksgiving Dinner every year. It is free to all, and we have many families who are not connected to the club but come anyhow for the free meal and companionship.

I am one of thoose who contributes money, others do the cooking and serving. A good time is had by all. Last year we fed about 300, this year may be over 400 due to the economy.


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