happy valentines day


Hello everyone at CAF. I jst wanted to say happy v-day (don’t feel like spelling again)

The day that catholics honor saint Valentine for his love to the roman pagans even though they treated him terribly…

Then we all just have a good ole’ time with the ones we love :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


My good ole’ time possibly involves:
2 boxes of chocolates - $15.00
1 pkg of conversation hearts - $1.59
1 card - $3.95
3 red roses - $8.00
1 Italian meal for 2 - $32.00
1 movie for 2 (?) - $16.00
Total - $66.54

And just who are the pagans here? :smiley: Just kidding of course.
Ah, the price of love for us poor folk, just to say I love you on a specific day!

Happy Valentines day to you too. :slight_smile:


And we can’t forget the giant stuffed teddy bear - $15-35 at Wal*mart


What? No popcornand drinks at the movie??:slight_smile: No way you are getting out of a movie for just $16.


Bouquet of weeds from the backyard…



well me and Samantha are going in for free (coupons) to watch the messengers

and i actually blew my whole paycheck on her too

giant teddy bear - $20
card - $3.50
the money im gonna owe my mom - $25
planning for next year - 2 1/2 years from my life :slight_smile:



My husband was called out to work last night at 9;30pm and I probably wont see him until tom. Can you tell I live in the Northeast:eek: We are getting a nasty ice storm.:frowning: Not even snow:(

Well, he did call me from the road at around 6:30am this morning to wish me a Happy V-Day. That is as good as it gets for me.:thumbsup:

Although my son gave me some chocolate this morning and my hubby told my daughter to give me his gift.:smiley: Who knows when Ill get that --she is still sleeping being a teen and all.:thumbsup:

So I will be on the forums alot today unless the electric goes out which is being expected.:eek:



Valentine’s Day is bitter-sweet for this family.

Today would have been our nieces 20th Birthday if she was still here on Earth with us.
She 4 years ago went to be with the Lord.

Anyway, I did get a Valentine present this morning from Hubby.
Hubby also got his :slight_smile:
We also gave the kids a small Valentine Heart with chocolate in it.

Not to mention the valentine cards and candy that we bought for our children to give to their classmates today :slight_smile:

Well, anyway Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you here at CAF.
God Bless!


I got stuck in my driveway for Valentines Day…

Kidding… well I did get stuck, just not part of DH’s plan for my day. We went out before the blizzard hit cause we knew it would be days to recovery. I guess I am really a cheap date… Our dinner only cost $36 including tip. I made his favorite dinner last night cause there was no way our once we go into the driveway, and thankfully I live across the street from a grocery store.


Want chocolate


Being young and alone, V-Day means nothing. I’m more excited for the dance on Friday, I really want to know who the King and Queen will be (I’m one of the princes, but I don’t think it’ll be me.:stuck_out_tongue: ) I’ve been feeling ill since Monday, but not enough to miss school. I’ve heard mono is going around, but I don’t think my glands are swollen, so I don’t know what it is. If it is mono, I might be out Friday, and that would make me sad, and cause trouble for the rest of the Junior princes and princesses… If it isn’t, I’ll probably recover by then. That’s my Valentine’s Day, though. Hope the rest of you have a good one. :smiley:


Valentines is my Birthday. Sharing the bday with a holiday was fun when I was a kid. As a single adult – it’s annoying. Everyone says “Awwww, you were a Valentine Baby!” and I recieve a gift 14 little heart shaped candy boxes with chocolates that have been ruined with icky fillings in them. LOL

I also cannot go out to dinner on my Bday because the waits are 3 hours long or else I would have had to make reservations 6 months in advance.

If you know a “Valentine Baby”, Don’t call them that! And give them a Birthday Party with no red hearts involved. :wink:

oh yeah, happy valentines day :smiley:


Tonight my fiance and I usually have schola/choir practice, but she is sick because she was taking care of me when I was very sick all last week. :frowning: So I am going to get her some flowers and a card and probably make her some home-made chicken noodle soup or something and rub her feet/head/whatever as we watch a movie.

Happy St. Valentine’s Day. :wink:


You and I think way too much alike!!!:thumbsup:


:slight_smile: Hey I was waiting for someone to say that
I got my hubby a cat at the humane soc. saved another kitty and a black one at that. But don’t have a name yet any suggestions? The young girl kept asking me if I was superstisious and I kept telling her no till finally I said well it isn’t the thirteenth is it? :smiley: I got flowers I always like. Dessert


We have a black cat named licorice.:thumbsup:


Awww… I got home to roses and my favorite chocolates… Life is very good indeed!!!

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