I just want to say I am so very happy to finally be on the path to joining the Catholic Faith. My wife and I are converting together and we love our RCIA class as well as our parish. I travel often for work and this week I am in Chicago and today, I attended Mass at Holy Name Cathedral. It is a beautiful place and Mass was beautiful but, I find I prefer my parish to here as I am sure most do when they visit elsewhere. I just want to say it is amazing that, no matter where I travel, I can experience a new church and hear the Word as if I were at home. I thank you all for “listening” and being as welcoming as you have been to me…

I enjoy going to Mass when on vacation! It’s fun to see how others are worshipping. Congratulations on your discovery of the Catholic Church. It’s such an exciting time learning about the faith. Especialy if you find a group that truely wants to live the faith. That’s when the Holy Spirit gets active, and the excitement begins…:dancing:

Check out the encyclical, “Theology of the Body”, and Natural Family Planning. It’s about God’s view of marriage, and total self giving. It’s beautiful, and eloquent and, so counter cultural it’s mind blowing.

I know how you feel… I feel so, so, so blessed to be Catholic. And going to masses at other parishes, even in other countries and hearing the same prayers… is just such an awesome reminder that we’re all part of one big family :slight_smile:
Welcome home :hug3:

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