Hard questions to ask about rejecting

Can you lose friends in order to follow Jesus better? I mean, if your friends get into drugs can you “dump” them when they refuse to respect your position?

When is it moral to dump a girlfriend/boyfriend?

Here’s another question.
Can you ever find your life to be of greater importance than somebody else’s life? For example, if somebody is in a life-threatening scenario; can you refuse to help them in order to protect your life and your family? (This is pretty weird to ask I know, but please respond kindly. I am being serious.)

God Bless

I do think that the positon of the church is…in the event that these “friends” are an occasssion of sin, one should find new friends…If they mock you because of your faith constantly then why would you bother hanging with them?
Many of my friends know of my faith but they don’t know my faith…I left a bike rally early (the last night,which also is the best party night)…None of my friends mocked me for this… because my friends are friends indeed.Mind you though we have up to 30yrs history as friends…

No dumping allowed:D it’s their choice to leave or stay in the relationship on your faith morals.

It really depends on what’s happening in my opinion…But it is your primary duty to protect your family.

Correction: I meant with the boyfriend/girlfriend part about dumping based on them not necessarily their rejection or acceptance of my faith.

Sorry and God Bless

The word moral is what lead me to answer in the way i did…Sorry never "dumped anyone in my life, or got dumped.

God blessed you with a lot of luck:D.

I guess I wouldn’t use the word “dump”, but i think it is OK to stop talking to someone if you feel they are not for you or if they are a bad influence. But, maybe telling them that and explaining it to them rather than just ignore them. I don’t think people should be friends with so many people who are not good.

Well, I had a best friend from grade school and last yr. when she came to visit, she told me that she stopped going to church and doesn’t really believe in the teachings. I was shocked as we both went to Catholic grade and high schools and were brought up strict Catholic.

Anyway, come to find out, she has been living w/guys on and off, sees nothing wrong w/sex before marriage, believes that gays should have the right to marry, etc. It just totally blew me away. The worse one was when she told me that she is pro-choice and it doesn’t mean pro death. At that time, I didn’t know what to say, so after she left, I started emailing her w/info showing how bad it is to live w/someone before marriage, how dangerous sex before marriage is, etc. But I also shared this info w/a few other of my friends who were curious about what the church teaches.

She sent me a very nasty email claiming that I was calling her a sinner (I never once stated that she was, I was just trying to witness to her) and that nothing I say or do will ever change her mind. What gets me is that while we were friends she confided in me that she has HPV but doesn’t know the strain and she won’t tell any of her past boyfriends. I tried to tell her that she needs to tell these guys and she flat out refused. As for her health issues, she won’t follow up w/the gyn. I’ve tried several outlets to witness to her as she is my best friend and that I do care about her well being. She won’t listen and doesn’t care about her spiritual well being anymore.

Well, to this day, she refuses to talk to me. She lives out of state so when I do call, she answers and hangs up on me abruptly. She won’t return my emails or snail mail.

Ever since my stroke, I’ve started looking at things differently and taking a more active role in my spiritual journey. My other friends are Christians of all different faiths. We share things and pray for one another. They are true examples of how Christ wants us to live our lives.

So all I can do now is just pray. I may have lost a best friend, but I still have Jesus on my side.

No, I never dumped anyone or did not dump anyone, ever.

I’ve ended relationships and friendships based on my faith, sure. Not that I’ve been mean about it and I’ve tried not to be all “holier than thou”, but it’s hard to maintain a friendship with a person who is hostile to your faith. I have friends from all walks of life, but there have been people who have been so hostile towards God, or towards my choice to follow the teachings of the Church regarding sexuality that I’ve allowed those relationships to “die on the vine”.

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