Hard times: letting go & turning over problems to God?


I have often heard that in tough circumstances one is to “let go” and/or to “give ones problems to God”. Ok, but what exactly does this mean? Or maybe a better question, how does one do this? Say for instance one is experiencing financial difficulties. How specifically does one give these problems to God?


A wise priest I went to with my worries asked me, “If that happens, what is the worst that can happen as a result?” When I answereed him he repeated the question…and again…and again.

After I worked through my frustration at his “game” I suddenly realised that even if the worst came to happen, my family and I would still have each other, and we would survive. That is when I “Let Go & Let God…”.

God has a plan for our lives and sometimes the decisions/choices we make frustrate His Plan.

When the worst did happen, my husband was out of work, I had 3 part-time jobs, we lost our house and had to receive food parcels from friends and neighbours, I didn’t panic. I kept telling God that I didn’t understand what was going on but I trusted Him.

Guess what?

My husband, unemployed, began coming to daily Mass with me. Then he attended a Parish Mission and returned to the Sacraments after 20+ years away. Soon after that he received a job offer.

He had lost all motivation in seeking a job and I said to a friend that he seemed to be waiting for someone to knock on the door and offer him a job.

Guess what?

Someone came and knocked on our door and offered him a job.

God works in mysterious ways, no doubt about it. And I think He sometimes smiles at us when we make statements like I did. I think that as a lesson for me. :rotfl:

Since coming to trust in God’s Providence and allowing Him control over my life, so many strange and wonderful things have happened that even my sceptical family see miraculous things happening.

I could almost write a book. We lost our house. We lived on the smell of an oily rag. And we learned that family is more importance that status and material possessions. Plus so much more.


For me, it is understanding that this life and the “things” are temporary. The only thing that really matters is God, God wants us to spend eternity with Him - Praising Him, Loving Him even when things are the darkest. God knows what is best and what will get us to our ultimate goal.

Reading the book of Job helps, spending time in Adoration just listening to God is the best way I know.


Have you ever seen the Divine Mercy picture of Jesus? Below it, there is the inscription, “Jesus, I trust in You!”. When I am having a hard time, I repeat the above phrase and it always makes me feel better. If you can get a copy of the picture, just look at it when you needy and are feeling down.


I gave it all to God in early 2004 when my life was upside down. I was about to give up on my 2nd marriage, when I finally realized I had one last shot. I GAVE it up all up to God and know what? Things got so much better. I started praying daily, going to church with a smile on my face and not just being there, attending confession at least once a month, started teaching CCD classes and went to mass every Wednesday. We were blessed with a gift from God…her name is Addisyn Mary and she was born in April 2005… This child has saved our marriage like you would not believe… We are a team now…


He is our Father. He desires to be our Dad if we only trust Him enough to allow Him to take care of us.

When we are weak, He is strong.

Some things would be simply unbearable without trust in His Divine plan and Providence.

Things like doing CPR on your own child.


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