Hard to respect Mormonism

I just met a wonderful person who happens to be Mormon. She is intelligent, wise and logical. What I can’t reconcile is how anyone can be Mormon, knowing the origins (which are filled with disturbing acts) and beliefs (many of which have been proven to be false). I guess the same could be said of Islam but that religion preys on the hopeless, Mormons are routinely affluent. Doesn’t logic mean anything? If I were raised Mormon, I would be angry at the religion once I learned they were glossing over these issues. Strange how they are embarrassed by their leaders teachings isn’t it? I know our religion has many horrible acts in our history, but the difference is, they were acts of men, not Jesus.

Whilst I admire their faith and openess to evangelizing, I must admit I have something of the same issues.

I think we’re jealous of the Mormons - their sense of community and their support for families, and so we do some research and find things that make us go, “Ick!”

But we still wish our parish communities were as alive and active.

I think that’s why there are so many threads on the LDS.

Mormonism is a false religion. Why should members of True Church be jealous? Nothing to admire about Mormonism. It’s a fraud. IMO there are many threads about it because many Mormons come here trying to persuade Catholics and themselves that they are Christian.

As usual I think you’re on to something, Triumph. Kudos.

I would add some of us wish our parish were as alive, active, and friendly.


Friendships are formed in the parish social organizations, not at Mass, where we are kneeling at Calvary.

If this person you met is knowledgeable about her religion, I would suggest you ask her about her perspective on Mormonism, if you haven’t already done so. Maybe she can teach you something about the religion you hadn’t known or realized before. Most people who are not members of a religion have only an outsider’s viewpoint, which is often inaccurate.

Thats it, Wow how did we miss it, its like the Pet Rock, we think to hard to think of the simple things. :eek:

Where did I say word one about Mass? When did “parish” become synonymous with “Mass?”

And where did I say anything about friendships? I said “friendly,” you know - nice, welcoming, pleasant. Friendships I got in spades. What I wish for is a friendly parish. Not friendly Mass. Friendly parish.


I agree with the Original Post.

It really IS odd that a religion founded by a man, Joseph Smith, Jr., who was so obviously a lying, manipulative, exploitative CON ARTIST, should today be an organization that so effectively promotes family values and family prosperity.

How can this be explained? I don’t know. Maybe Satan is giving them special help since, in the long run, they serve to discredit the Bible and the real Church. But really, I don’t know.

The fundamental fault of Mormonism is the fundamental fault of many protestant heresies. It teaches that Christ was too weak to keep His Church from error. If so, then He was most certainly too weak to save any of us.

I have family members that are Mormon, they are some of the kindest, most genuine people I have ever met. Very misunderstood. They are also very family oriented too, I wish we, as Catholics, could be more like them in that aspect. That being said however… I do NOT agree with some of their doctrines.

You shouldn’t respect mormonism. But you must respect those who practice it. Hate the sin not the sinner.

It really IS odd that a religion founded by a man, Joseph Smith, Jr., who was so obviously a lying, manipulative, exploitative CON ARTIST, should today be an organization that so effectively promotes family values and family prosperity.

Those family values are contingent on the whole family being members of the LDS church. Non-members can’t even attend the weddings of their LDS siblings, parents, or children. Divorce among LDS is more common than you think, and the loss of faith of one member of the couple often contributes. Utah is one of the worst states in the Union for foreclosures, anti-depressant use, and suicides.

The picture is not as pretty as you might think. Their culture encourages presenting an image that all is well, when, in fact, they may be hiding serious problems. Their friendly exterior is often motivated by a desire to convert the unaware.

They have a rigid caste system, separating people according to monetary success, ability to maintain the facade, racial and cultural background, and who one’s ancestors were. Descendants of the early leaders lead the caste system and the hierarchy.

They require that everyone must marry.

These observations are particularly accurate for those LDS living in areas that are LDS-dominated, such as much of Utah.

The advertising is effective. But-- it is only-- advertising.

It’s a sin to practice another religion?? Hmmm, I wonder why DIGNITATIS HUMANAE was written. How about NOSTRA AETATE? Funny no one ever mentioned in these documants that it’s a sin to belong to another religious group. :shrug:

And BTW, Gandhi said those words. Did you know that?

I really feel bad for the Mormons of this forum - the ones that are left, anyway - because they are always the target here. The reason you see Mormonism as illogical and stupid and impossible for anyone to understand is because you look at it through one lens (specifically yours, Catholic-oriented) and simply do not see it through the other lenses there are out there.

You say there are a lot of points that make Mormonism completely bogus. That may be, but how many people say the same thing about the Catholic Church? How many people can easily say that the practice of indulgences discredits the Church? People say the same about Purgatory. And many others say that the Catholic Church is influenced by paganism and claim they have “irrefutable” evidence to sustain that.

What’s the average Catholic response to that? Either to ignore it or to give an explanation on why that issue is either misunderstood or factually incorrect. Why would the Mormons act any differently?

Given all these anti-Mormon threads here, I’m not really sure why people then complain that Catholics are persecuted in America.

I disagree. While I agree I long for our parishes to have the same sense of community as an LDS ward, I do not believe that is reason for so many threads. I believe there are a lot threads because we recognize how dangerous their doctrine is. Also, there are a lot of us former Mormons here, and we all, it seems, have a lot to say

The ex-Mormons have the most vitriolic hatred against Mormons, quite like how ex-Catholics disparage the Catholic Church more than anyone else.

What I’ve noticed is that a majority of the time, embittered ex-Mormons have to express their hatred and so open threads* ad infinitum* on Mormonism.

I’m opposed to Mormonism because I also feel its a false religion, but all these threads on Mormonism make me very sympathetic to Mormons.

I keep track of the number of LDS-related threads on the first page of this forum. Currently, there are TWO!! I would not say that is excessive.

Before the LDS missionaries left this forum (politically motivated because of the hostility), there were as many as seven, and even more. I would have to say that the situation has greatly improved.

They aggressively proselytize Catholics because they believe that Catholicism “apostatized” from true Christianity at the death of the last Apostle. They take advantage of the fact that many Catholics have been inadequately catechized, and stress features of their religion that imitate Catholicism.

Those Catholics who are unaware of the negative aspects of Mormonism, and freely associate with Mormons, but do not convert, often experience negative consequences. And I am not an ex-Mormon. However, I was raised in Hancock County, Illinois. Look it up on a map.

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