Hardening Your Skin


Hi, I had a strange moment with my Dad. When he got home from work he seemed on edge and irritable, I have seem him rarely like this. Then next day I learned that he has to take pills that have a side effect of irritability.

Since I’ll probably have to deal with my dad being more annoyed with me than normal, what’s a good way to toughen up too it? I mean even knowing about these side-effects I never can shake the feeling that it’d be my fault; probably because I feel like a leech living off my Dad while going through college.


Sadly, I think you’re about to learn that no callous is earned without injury… You will just have to keep repeating to yourself that he’s hyper-repsonding… And learn to recognize that when he’s in a “mood” to be in another place.


I agree with Faithfully, you will need to seperate yourself from it by keeping repeating to yourself, "It's not me, it's not me." And also "It's not him either - it's his medication". I've had lots of practice with this as I also needed to do this too for other reasons. Offer up your struggles with it for him that this side-effect will subside. If it's getting you down, keep repeating that to yourself, and read Psalm 139 to remind yourself of the amazing person you are. :) Good luck! Will pray for you and your pa.


My experience with something similar, was that it takes practice. Lots of practice. Try to remind yourself that it is the medication, but don't expect to be able to react rationally (or at least be able to control your internal frustrations) anytime soon. I would hope that after a month (which might require some councelling for you) you should start to feel hopefully better about things.


Thank you all for the advice, obviously this all came as a surprise so hearing some things I can do helped.


I suggest you join several other internet forums, find out what really riles up the other members, and post messages in direct opposition to their beliefs. You will get flamed like a pan full of Bananas Foster, and eventually you will have a nice, hard shell like a turtle, and you will be able to let people’s irritability slide right off without touching your soft insides.

(of course I am being somewhat flip, but honestly? It has worked for me. It wasn’t without some pain and tears, since I never set out to get flamed, but it happens to most of us who use the internet. It does toughen you up. But you can also simply pray for your father every time you want to snap back at him.)



:blush: I thought this was going to be a breast feeding thread.
Just keep reminding yourself that it's not you, and pray for your dad.


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